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  1. Have you ever made a video with AVE?

  2. Picked up an old IBM PS/1 recently. 486sx 25mhz, 4mb ram and 170mb ide hard disk. Works perfectly though the drive seemed to have a corrupted partition. Wiped it and installed dos and so far so good!
  3. I was wondering what motherboard that was because i have one that looks exactly like it currently that I don't really need, it was the one shown in tech hoarders



  4. I have a real soft spot for those old WD Caviar drives. Our first pc had a Caviar 11000 in it (also 1gb) and it's startup routine/sounds are forever locked away in my rose colored nostalgia box haha. The ram you have there looks to be a 4mb stick, and at 70ns is likely a FPM (Fast Page Mode) module.
  5. The other neat system I brought home, something I've never come across before... An old Unix workstation. Need to get an adapter for the video output to be able to test it but pretty excited to give this one a go.
  6. Got my hands on a couple systems in the last few weeks. Got one of them cleaned up last week and finally took a few pictures of it. It was pretty nasty at first, but after cleaning and re-assembly it posted right away. Its an IBM PC 350, Pentium 166mhz, 32mb ram. Has 1mb S3 Trio 64 on board but I stuck in a Matrox MGA Millennium 2mb and swapped out the 2gb Maxtor that was in it (clicking like mad) with a 3.2Gb Western Digital Caviar drive and did a fresh Windows 95C install.
  7. Does your system have onboard graphics at all? My next thought would be the video card, so if you have onboard you can remove your graphics card and see if you get post then.
  8. My guess would be power supply. If you have a known good one on hand I would swap that in to test.
  9. Would love to see your collection! There is actually a thread dedicated to showing off your vintage hardware goodies and activities here as well, made a few posts there myself . Very cool thread!
  10. Yes absolutely satisfying to run on the legit hardware. Sounds good on the pm, hit me up when your in town! @Ale000_ Here are the pics of that motherboard
  11. Alright I'll take some pictures of it when I get home and post them for you! Glad to be able to help!
  12. LGR and The 8 Bit Guy would be proud of your collection of retro PC's

    1. BrianTheElectrician


      I hope so, definitely interested in theirs! Haven't watched that much of the 8 bit guy but getting there. Watch a lot of LGR though!

  13. If it helps, mine has a stickers on the back. One says "Microedge" with a barcode and the other "PM8G7" so I'm assuming that would be the model number. There isn't a make or model number on the pcb that I can see but there is a V1.6b in the top left corner which would be the revision. Mine does however have the jumper settings silk screened onto the board, so can take a close up picture if that helps. I'm looking at THE motherboard from the thumbnail.
  14. Haha I'm glad (mostly) everyone like the video. Was a lot of fun to do and is what I was alluding to in my post in the show off your vintage hardware thread. As for selling, not really interested in shipping anything but would consider for a local sale so if your in the greater Vancouver area, shoot me a pm! Same goes for the minecraft server, its whitelist only but may be willing to let a few in
  15. Yes, absolutely can drive manual and highly prefer it! First car was manual and converted the current project to a manual as well. Have had a couple others in the past as well, and my first job was working at a Chrysler dealer taking pictures and info for their website and database. Drove every vehicle that went through the lot in the 2 or so years I worked there, including many manuals. In my first car, my current project and my buddies old truck I could/can shift without the clutch as well, both up and down rev matching. Always rev match my downshifts though, less wear on the clutch. I go stir crazy driving auto, its just so boring!