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Kartikey Shukla

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  1. Kartikey Shukla

    Adaptive Sync

    But I can only see the 27 inch for the same model but can't see the 24 inch one that I have so it will be supported or not
  2. Kartikey Shukla

    Adaptive Sync

    The big brother of -BenQ Zowie 24.5 inch 240Hz Esports Gaming Monitor, DyAc, 1080p, 1ms Response Time, Black Equalizer, Color Vibrance, S-Switch, Shield, Height Adjustable (XL2546) that is of 27 inch is going to be g sync compatible will it be also going to get the same as the difference is only the size
  3. Kartikey Shukla

    Query about 4K

    Hi, I am little confused with monitor my predator just supports gsync 4K@60FPS will it be running 1440p@144FPS
  4. Kartikey Shukla

    Quantum dot or TN

    Hi, I am little confused with monitors should I take quantum dot or TN quantum dot is curved both are with same specs which is good for gaming.
  5. Kartikey Shukla

    DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 adapter

    I think taking adapter makes no sense if you could afford a RTX 2070 extreme Gigabyte or further choosers of Turing then there are three would be 3 HDMI ports and if you wanted to play at 4k 60+FPS then go to any RTX 2080TI
  6. I want to play FPS games and stream them and play them on 1080 P 144Hz if my monitor give more FPS and what will happen and lesser then what and if I will on V sync would I see any strutter or tearing
  7. Hi, I am little confused to purchase this monitor with my RTX 2080, If my GPU would not able to give 144FPS at ulta setting then how many frames would it show (I mean strutter) and is it wall mountable because when I will use 2 of them then there would be problem and there is no cable management loops then how can I manage them and is there any other alternatives of it then please suggest