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  1. Ilikecomputerlul

    450W 80+ Good enough?

    CX450W Corsair
  2. Ilikecomputerlul

    450W 80+ Good enough?

    I5 8400 65W 8x2 DDR4 GTX 1080 Ti 4x120mm Fans b360M
  3. Ilikecomputerlul

    I5 8400 vs 8500

    The i5 8400 can do 3.5Ghz on 6 cores. And the 8500 can do 3.9 on 6 cores. Is the extra 400mhz worth the extra 10$? Im planning to stream 1080p 60fps Fortnite
  4. Ilikecomputerlul

    Anyway to make this cheaper? Without losing performance?

    Using Gt 1030 already own. Planning to stream. Playing Fortnite with competitive settings(mostly low). Game in 1080x1080. And stream in 1920x1080 60fps
  5. All CAD prices Case- $110 B360M- $130 600W PSU- $80 2X4GB DDR4-$95 i5 8400- $280
  6. Ilikecomputerlul

    K series worht it?

    If im not overclocking can i just get a 8700 over a 8700k or is the k series just faster in general?
  7. Ilikecomputerlul

    I5 8400 Slow?

    Is the i5 8400 really that slow? And would i be albe to stream Fortnite on competitive settings (mostly low). Game Resolution 1080x1080. And stream in 1920x1080 60 fps my current config is a i5 2400 (gtx 1060) and i can certainly not stream on that
  8. Ilikecomputerlul

    i5 8400 vs i5 9600k (not overclocking)

    Using a rtx 2080 ti and a b360 board
  9. Ilikecomputerlul

    i5 8400 vs i5 9600k (not overclocking)

    Im using it for gaming only. With a rtx 2080 ti. And a b360 motherboard
  10. Is worth spending 80$ CAD more for a i5 9600k over a i5 8400? And why? I wont be overclocking