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  1. I have a 2019 MBA, was thinking about getting this for fun; and I do have a thunderbolt to USB adapter, sooo I think I should be better off without this?
  2. So the one I linked here is compatible?
  3. Check your DIMMs, make sure you don't have them side by side; if they are side by side then organize them as empty, ram, empty, ram. EDIT: Check this out, I'm not sure if it would help, but I'm leaning towards your PSU. This post is from another forum link: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/computer-turns-on-for-a-split-second-then-shuts-off.544734/ scroll down and read the "Best Solution"
  4. I'm not sure if this guy has DRAM but it pretty much seemed like a steel to me! The read and write speeds are pretty similar, and you save a ton; take a look at Force Series™ MP510 240GB M.2 SSD It's only 58 USD, or 80 CAD! I'm not sure about the prices in your region though. EDIT: actually even though i recommended, i don't recommend this until someone who is more knowledgable with things like QLC's or whatever... although I do know a slightly more expensive "good" ssd the intel 660p
  5. Haha, yes it has TDP of 95w. Ah, that makes much more sense! Well I guess the stock cooler should do me fine if I select the power saving mode in the BIOS (I'm pretty sure most AMD motherboards give you an option to select AMD Optimal, normal, and power saving)! I may look into the other cooler you suggested, but I don't want to deal with the VRM problem... Anyway thank you so much for your help, and anyone else that helped in my case!
  6. alright i might purchase it soon also btw the cooler i purchased is probably almost 4 times the size of my stock
  7. I didn't get to the point of stress testing, I was just really confused of how slow the the computer had gotten after putting the new and better cooler on...
  8. that looks amazing, i have no idea how it'll cool up to 125 TDP, but i might get it
  9. nope, it's got a small heat sink and a small fan (the fans not even 92 mm i think)
  10. okay will do that thanks! ahh, ill just return this cooler, and use my stock thank you so much! yeah, I follow their instructions at idle they were hovering over 39 - 41 C in the BIOS. motherboard was under 40
  11. Okay great, but do you know why the performance suffered after changing the cooler?
  12. some of it seeped into the socket where the pins go, and there is some on the tips of 2 pins, which doesn't seem that bad but it also had spread to the base of a few pins.
  13. yes recently I bought a BeQuiet pure rock, to replace the stock cooler on my FX-8370E. I'm a idiot sometimes; well I put too much TM30 thermal paste, to have it spill off the sides of my cpu after putting the cooler on. unfortunately after booting I noticed reduced performance, sometimes CPU fan errors, as the fan was running at around 500 rpm and was showing red in the BIOS later to my surprise after hours of annoyance and stress I found the thermal paste had just not leaked onto the sides, but on one side it went all the way down to the pins. i guess it's kinda minor, although it has I believe seeped into the holes of the socket, because 2 pins had some thermal paste on their tips, and some on the base of a few pins nearing the side where the leakage occurred i believe my CPU was possibly throttling because of the low fan speeds, but I'm pretty sure my CPU knows how to spin fans, as my stock cooler always sounded like a jet engine ps. thanks if you help, if not still thanks, also i am not pursuing the fixation of my grammatical mistakes to display emotion