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  1. RedEdain

    Another Windows 10 problem

    This method cannot work, since the SSD is new. I can't access my computer.
  2. RedEdain

    Another Windows 10 problem

    Hi! My name is RedEdain. Yes, my own "really cheap gaming PC", inspired by the 69$ gaming PC, ran into another problem! (Yayy...) When I try to install Windows 10 on my SSD, it doesn't work and keeps showing this message: "KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE" If it helps, here's the specs: Intel DQ35JO Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 MSI GeForce GT 710 AFTERBURNER (plugged into a PCI-E x16 2.0 port) Patriot Burst 120 GB SSD 350W PSU 8GB DDR2 RAM Also, it's ethernet connected. Hope some of you got the answers! RedEdain
  3. Hi! Recently i've bought a ASUS Radeon HD 6450 SILENT 1GB DDR3 for my computer, and I still check on online stores to see if I can get a better pricr for it. But, while I was doing my researches, I noticed two other graphics cards, and they were cheaper than my actual one. Here are the graphics cards: MSI GeForce GT 710 1/2 GB (Both are cheaper on Amazon) MSI Radeon HD 6450 2 GB DDR3 For compatibility, my motherboard is a Intel DQ35JO. Thank you! RedEdain
  4. RedEdain

    Windows 10 Not Installing

    It worked! Thanks a lot! =D
  5. RedEdain

    Windows 10 Not Installing

    I'll try with a Ethernet Cable, because I don't think I have a Wireless Adapter on my computer.
  6. RedEdain

    Windows 10 Not Installing

    I downloaded the Media Creation Tool yesterday, so I think I have it. But, to be sure, how can I check it? P.S.:I'll add a dedicated GPU later (Like a GTX 650)
  7. RedEdain

    Windows 10 Not Installing

    Hi. Recently, I've seen the 69$ Gaming PC video and I thought it could be a good way for me to build one myself. =) All is working correctly, but when I try to install Windows 10 on it, it keeps showing me the same BSODs messages: -"DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" ("What failed: tcpip.sys") Here are my "Ultra-Cheap Gaming PC" specs: -CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400, at 2.67 GHz -GPU: Maybe integrated, but unknown -RAM: 16 GB DDR2 (The m-board only handles 8 GB) from Kingston -M-Board: Intel DQ35JOE -HDD: Refurbished 120 GB at maybe 5400 RPM or less* *The HDD already have Windows XP on it, but the license is expired so I can't reach the files. That means the only way to access my system's parameters are by the BIOS. And I try to install Windows 10 with a Cruzer Glide 16 GB, that I formatted with the official Media Creation Tool. For the installation, I can also use a Lexar USB 3.0 64 GB. I can't use a DVD, since I don't have blank DVDs. Can you help me? =) RedEdain