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  1. but, its for sure from CPU?
  2. but its strange, the same processor CPU g870 with an 750ti works better thaan mine, and i have a rx 580, whhy? i really cannot understand...
  3. so, the rest components are ok?
  4. hi guys, i have some problems and i hope you can help me. So i buy a rx 580 8gb strix, and doesn t work like i expect. In the most stupid game like ETS 2 max frame rate is 20 fps. So let me tell you other specks...: motherboard_ P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0 asus ram_ 8 gb processor : g870 i think is dual core 3.1 ghz power supply is 550w So tell me what to do, the video card don t work like i see on yt... I m waiting your advice. I think is from CPU but I m not shure I m using windows 10 too..
  5. first thing that appear on my screen is (preparing for repair), and then appears (automatic repair couldn t repair your PC), what should i do?
  6. its start, the video graphics work but he can open and run the windows, now i do my upgrades and i hope to work
  7. hello, my rx 580 arrived, its start but my pc can t run, now i upgrade my bios, its good if i do that?
  8. i have a 550w power supply i was thinking to a i5 3570, here in Romania i found a lot under 50 dollars
  9. what do you mean? to upgrade GPU or CPU? i was thinking to buy a new CPU like a i5... not very expenssive
  10. Hi guys, I have just one question, if rx 580 8 gb strix will bottleneck with a dual core, cpu is a g870 3.1 ghz, i buy rx 580 because i found to a very good price, it was like 150 dollars, im still waiting for delivery. Im waiting for a response. Thanks