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  1. honestly, a computer building competition isn't really that fun to watch, it's the drama that is fun to watch.
  2. Hmm... I guess the issue here is Lew hiding the fact that he copycat a product that has been copycated in china.... k....
  3. I am not sure how ASUS send their monitor to nvidia for checking and then gets certificate and send it back to ASUS, are "claims from Nvidia".
  4. Just curious. What part of the GDPR law did Microsoft violate for this?
  5. Not all games are available in steam or at least work with proton though. In the end, you had to do more work for those games.
  6. Wait. How many people knows the word "gimp" and get offended by it?
  7. It's been like that since I start attwmding univeesity and that is 4 years ago.
  8. He want to prove that you can built a server yourself without rely on a third party vendor to do everything for you with obnoxious price, but acknowledge that Jellyfish server's price are reasonable enough for people to considering paying more for companies with little time to built servers.
  9. I think the point here is that: 1. Hackers would target the most used OS where people would usually store their juicy data, especially business that stores customer's data. 2. No OS is hackproof. Yes, MacOS might have better security and system integrity, but that doesn't mean hacker won't have the motive to hack MacOS. 3. What is more dangerous here is that user tend to download suspicious software or go to suspicious website, regardless of the OS s/he use, which eventually hack their data without the need to hack their computer.
  10. When we will get 1 picometer
  11. Probably Microsoft intended to replace it with window apps rather than renew it, but it doesn't take off, so, Microsoft do this instead
  12. No... not bad enough when it can be patched by a software or you just disable Hyperthreading/SMT. Maybe if Intel's CPU is burned when running and there's a design flaw that is very dangerous that it's a threat to humanity, then recall is a possibility. TBH, recall is impossible, it's just too many considering it is affected almost every Intel's CPU product and how are you going recall a cpu glued on the laptop's motherboard. Also, most people don't really care about this (either never knew about this or just give a s**t about it and YOLO). If you watch Awesome Hardware livestream recently, Kyle and Paul make a poll on how people react to these vulnabilities, most of them agree to move on and hope they don't get attack.
  13. I think he's only talking shit to AMD Radeon rather than AMD as a whole.