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  1. As the title states is "ASUS TUF Z370-II PLUS GAMING" really a D tier motherboard? As I've seen alot of companies use it for i7 And i9?
  2. Hey guys i was wondering if i can have 2 NVME M.2 drtives on my ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, S-1151?, it says that it has 2 different kinds of M.2 slots
  3. xguys1

    Logitech g810 broke what should i buy.

    Its been over 2 Years.
  4. Hey guys so 1 of my keys on the Logitech g810 just broke so now im looking for a new keyboard to buy since it got discontinued, preferably a keyboard very much alike the 810 in size and design.
  5. xguys1

    Which monitor should i go with?

    Hey guys so im currently planning to get a 240hz monitor, and ive for a year now had my eyes on the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q, but sadly i cant buy that as the legs wouldnt allow me to run my keyboard close up against the monitor pillar/under the monitor. So i have to resort to other monitors that will allow me to do so and ive only found the BenQ Zowie XL2546 and the acer XF250Q, For reference im currently running the ASUS MG248Q.
  6. xguys1

    Upgrading PSU considering HX750i

    Isn't 850 Abit too much? Currently running 650.
  7. xguys1

    Upgrading PSU considering HX750i

    Oh i didn't know heard good things is it really bad like should I look into changing or? Oh and case is rather old upgrading to nzxt h700i
  8. xguys1

    Upgrading PSU considering HX750i

    Yeah I need to get a good GFX to get everything fixed up. Cooler, case PSU and GFX changes comming up. Picked up the the i9 motherboard and ram at black Friday.
  9. Hey guys so I’m currently looking to replace my PSU. Im currently running a Silver Power SP-S650 650W PSU bought in 2013 but I’m not too sure what to go with my current Specs: Intel Core i9-9900K ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING, S-1151 HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz 16GB Corsair Hydro Series H60 CPU Cooler MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4GB Silver Power SP-S650 650W PSU NZXT H440 Midi Tower Black And ive been looking at the Corsair HX750i platinum
  10. It has a height adjustment of 130mm too ;( and sadly i cant get a third party one. As i often go to lans, competing
  11. Hey guys so im a 198cm/6.4960629921ft Guy and since im rather tall im looking to find a monitor thats rather tall. Im currently using a ASUSMGQ 144hz monitor with 130mm height adjustment and its just not tall enough. Anyone got some suggestions?
  12. Hey guys so yesterday my sound just stopped working on my laptop, in the beginning i just couldnt her anything but now i am not able to watch videos on youtube, when i do it just loads but never starts, ive tried running the windows diagnostics on it but it just loops on looking for more problems. (translation from danish), I've tried to reinstall my audio driver but that didn't fix it. When i start a video i get a red icon on my sound and if i hover over it it says Audio service not running.
  13. It's from Black Friday 2013