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  1. Update: i went to the local tech shop they tested my psu, apparently its dead, so i just ended up buying a new one
  2. So i tried the hdd method, it doesnt spin up, but if i listen close, when i jump start the pc(touching the two pins with a metal to short it out) i can hear a very very quiet click sound from the psu, similar to when it turns on. And for the outages I live with two roommates, both of them said that no outages happend.
  3. Hello, this is my first time posting so no h8 please. The title pretty much explains it all, after 2 weeks of vacation my pc doesnt turn on, it shows a glimpse of life for a split second, it appears that the fans do a half spin and the LED's on my mobo and other components light up for half a second, and then it just dies, after pressing the power button to turn it on again it doesnt do anything, i have to unplug, and replug the 24pin connector from the mobo to make it work again. Things i tried: -Disconnected everything except the 24pin connector and then trying to turn it on, still the same problem -Tried to jump-start my psu, didnt even start the fans. I expect that my psu has committed die, but i have no idea how and why it did that, there werent any electricity outages or anything like that. Through the duration of the 2 weeks the pc was plugged in to an outlet and it was on the | option(O/|). specs: ram:16gb ddr4 corsair vengance lpx @3000mhz gpu:gtx1070 msi twin frozr OC cpu:amd ryzen 2700x psu:corsair vs650 mobo: msi x370 gaming plus ssd:samsung 850evo 500gb hdd:wd 1TB Any ideas and suggestions are welcome, Thanks in advance. P.S. The pc was built in October, and worked fine without any hiccups. P.S.S. I saw a similar topic but it was old so i started a new one.