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  1. Lightning fast APU builds on the cheap are out the window then
  2. Anyways this is getting off topic lol
  3. If you like Shower Beer, You'll Love Shower Mocktail™ - For the younger ones
  4. Ok, well thanks, another shower thought solved
  5. I guess it would be possible to use a clear premix and a small amount of dye (not paint), but it may affect the effectiveness of the coolant
  6. I guess so, but all the white concentrates I can find also have chemical inhibitors, so I was just thinking wether I can add less concentrate and still prevent biochemical growth, or in simpler words, can I add less inhibitors than usual into distilled water and still achieve the same effect
  7. Just out of interest, I was looking at some beautiful builds with white coolant, but I was just wondering wether it would be possible to create a coolant that was somewhere between pastel white and clear?
  8. I checked them with these, I don't really care about the pcie power connectors because my 1650 doesn't have a connector for that
  9. As Far as I can tell there is no difference between the motherboard pinout and the psu pinout.
  10. Well I was thinking because the pinout is the same I could just plug the extension right into the psu. Is that the case tho? EDIT: Yes I know the cable has to be female to female but I can easily find those on amazon