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  1. Okay, I'll try Afterburner. I have EVGA Precision X1 installed right now, and I've fiddled around with fan settings in there, but none of them seem to do anything.
  2. I've had my 2080 ti Founder's Edition since March 2019. Since if first put it in my system and started it up, one fan would spin at 1500 rpm and be audible to the point of being a little annoying. The other fan spins at norman, much quieter speeds. Once in a blue moon, for some reason, the loud fan will slow down to the speed of the other fan, and my system becomes much quieter. I'm not sure what causes it. I read that the fan that is spinning faster may be the fan that cools the power components of the graphics card, but this would seem weird that the power components would require this fan spinning full speed all the time. Does this behavior seem similar to anyone else with the Founder's Edition 2080 ti? Is there a way to slow the fan speeds? I don't game at all on this card. I use it for 3d modelling and other design softwares, so the temperatures don't get all that high. I'm using the Creator drivers on the card.
  3. This it what it looks like to me too. I'm starting to see it in pictures of other Ryzen chips too.
  4. I initially thought thermal paste too, but I rubbed it pretty hard with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, and none of it seemed to want to come off.
  5. I replaced my Ryzen 2700x, and after I pulled it out, I noticed the edges of the lid appeared worn or deteriorated. Is this normal on these chips? I didn't notice it when it was brand new, but it very well could have been like that.
  6. I haven’t tried either yet. I’ve never reset the CMOS before. Do I just take out the battery and reset it? I can try a different keyboard too.
  7. I added two news sticks of RAM to my X470 Taichi Ultimate. The RAM is identical to the two existing sticks. I reset my BIOS settings to default before installing them, and it booted to windows no problem. However, when I restarted to try and get into the BIOS to increase the RAM speed, it wouldn’t go. I pressed delete at the right moment, but all I get is a black screen...like its trying to show the BIOS menu but cannot. My GPU is a 2080 ti FE. I’m not sure if it could be something to do with the keyboard or my GPU. My CPU is a 3900x.
  8. Would the difference in speed between 64GB of 3200 mhz and 3600mhz be noticeable? I currently have 32GB's of 3200mhz RAM installed in an X470 mobo for my 3900x, but I'd like to upgrade to 64GB's. If I wanted to upgrade to 3600 mhz RAM, I would need to buy a new mobo as well as new RAM. I'm wondering if I should just buy another two sticks of my current 3200mhz RAM to make 64 GB's and settle on that for now? The motherboard is an X470 Taichi Ultimate.
  9. I'm holding out on buying the 3900x until BF just to see if there are any deals. Considering it's just about out of stock everywhere I look, I'm not getting my hopes up. Any input would be appreciated though.
  10. I primarilty do a mixture of 3d modeling and 3d rendering. Having more threads helps with speed for rendering, and with the programs I use to 3d model, they are dependent on single-core performance, so the 3900x seems like the best deal. Do you know if there were deals on Ryzen second-gen CPU's last year?
  11. I'm thinking about making the jump from my Ryzen 2700x to a new 3900x. With Black Friday coming up, I'm curious if there might be any deals on the 3900x worth waiting for. It still looks like outlets such as Best Buy and Amazon are having difficulties keeping it stocked, so I'm not sure it would then get discounted for Black Friday. What are your thoughts?
  12. Hmm, it could be cool whine from the GPU. It's not liquid cooled...I'm using a Noctua. If the program is using the GPU to process the images, that would explain it. GPU is a RTX 2080 ti
  13. I have a computer that has no moving parts except for the fans. I have been doing some work in Algorithmic's Substance Player which is used to create textures for rendering. Each time I make an adjustment to a texture, I can hear a faint sort of squeaking sound coming from my case. Is it possible that the RAM or some component on the motherboard could be making this noise? My PC works just fine—I'm not worried about it at all, but I am curious what could be making this noise. It only happens when the computer is processing an adjustment to the texture, and I haven't noticed it occur in other programs.
  14. Thank you! I'll probably go this route if I cannot get a hold of a spare box.