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  1. I have an Alieware 15 R2 (Since July 2016), I actually seem to have the same RAM problem. When I format the device the idle RAM usage is at about 4GB but after 2 months, (i.e. Currently) it's at 6 GB. I just assumed this was normal since I do not have another device to check it against. I did a total of all the processes in the Task Manager and it's close to about 2 GB. Any information to fix this or to things that I could try to bring it down would be highly appreciated. Some extra info, I got this device from Microsoft, so it's the Alienware signature edition, i.e. the only non Microsoft bloatware that it came with is Alienware Command Centre and the External Graphics Amplifier software. I manage to format the device almost every 3 months so with the ISO from Microsoft's site and then install drivers from wither Dell, Nvidia or Killer with some modules directly updating from Windows Update. Lastly, I have added an additional m.2 SSD as it had a extra port which is now my boot drive. Off topic question, what was the software used for testing Stream quality in the video?