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  1. www.emag.ro www.cel.ro www.shop4pc.com These are the only ones that you ca take a look at in Romania. Tx
  2. Thank you for your support and info, I will take a look at that case in particular, from where I am(Romania) pc cases are very expensive and I don't want to make the same mistake that I've made with the p400. Atm in my country the p400 is about 100$, the enthoo is about 180$ and the lianli pc d600 is about 350$ including shipping and taxes. That is why I am curently looking for a good quality metal case that will be suited for this build and many other deviations:)
  3. Could you please provide your config and max temperature on full load? I have phanteks eclipse p400 paired with a 4790k, and GTX 1070 3 fan by gigabyte, on full load all temps are about 60-65 Celsius and it is very loud(curtesy of the stupid front panel which covers the front fans(not enough air getting in the case)
  4. Yes it is about cooling, only using Noctua NF-P12 fans just to keep the build simple. I am going for an old school approach, this means added HDD coolers, added RAM coller, added MB Chipset cooler and so ON. The minimum of 5 120mm fan is for my config(3 that push air in, 2 that push air out).
  5. Thank you for your suggestion: found 1 that could fit the bill LIAN-LI PC-D600, I am still looking for some alternatives so I can have a comparison! Any other suggestions are welcome:)
  6. The case should be made out of metal, the side panel should have a transparent acrylic, Plexiglas, plastic cut-out. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I am new to the forum(although as like many of you I am a Linus subscriber and fan) and I require some advice from the older users. To make it short I am looking for a computer case with the following options/preconditions: 1.Must be made entirely out of metal(not plastic front panels or other kind of material) 2.Must have transparent side panel 3.Must have a minimum of 5 :120mm fan supports(only classic air cooled builds) and not Side Fan support, only transparent side panel 4.A VERY MUST HAVE: At least 1 optical drive bay 5. Must have some level of cable management options 6. Must be suited to fit a gtx 1070 and a bigass cpu cooler(noctua NH-D15 SE) Just to give you a correct heading towards my goal just google Thermaltake Kandalf( very old school good quality metal case, but very little fan support and no cable management) Thank you very much for your support!