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  1. You mean in the upgrade ? yes i changed the mobo . and yes i did a clean windows install
  2. Tried those settings , to be honest i can see its fixed for now , hope it gets fixed for ever
  3. Hello . Recently i had upgraded my system with a b360 f gaming and an i5 8500 and from this day im having issues with the pc audio . I reinstalled all drivers , format 2 times the pc , sent the mobo back to the store i bought for service ( took 3 weeks and the service didnt find any problem with the audio ) So the problem is like this : While gaming and talking to discord , every like 15 mins the sound crashes , i searched it in reddit and i saw that some people say that discord messes with their pc sound. BUT while gaming without discord opened i get no crashes And the second problem is that some games have sound and some not
  4. i reinstalled the audio drivers and restarted system , opened game but still nothing also heres a photo tha might help
  5. i use only my headset . Btw for some reason i unistalled the real tek program and now i have sound in my games wtf
  6. Hello , im having a problem with my new system . Some games that im running have no audio , i installed the newest drivers of audio on asus mobo site but still nothing happens . i tried reinstalling them but still nothing . Some time the games run with audio but it needs a few restarts . Those games are ; LA NOIRE , BF1 , Forza horizon 3 .
  7. ok thanks ! i got little worred and i thought that i will have to do something with bios to repair it etc . thanks anyways
  8. Hello . Today i opened up speccy to see how my pc is going and i saw that my 8gb 2133mhz ram works with 1000mhz frequency . Is this normal ? where is the other 1333mhz ? I will provide a photo :
  9. As you MAY have seen my older posts , im searching for a new cpu mobo and ram . I got to the point of picking a r5 2600 and an MSI B450 Tomahawk in order to upgrade my old pc which it has a gtx 1060 3gb , so i can play games with lots of fps . But i ended up in the point to pick RAM , i heard that ryzen want like 3000MHZ in order to work properly and good aswell , i searched for RAM and in the same time i was in msi site and looking if that ram stick is supported by B450 Tomahawk , but unfortunately I couldn't find any of it in the list . So im asking from more experts in this category to help me out with my little problem . Edit : forgot to mention my budget . It is up to 150 euros for 16 gb ram
  10. what about RAM ? i would like 16gb for about 150 $ and less , if you got any suggestion pls comment
  11. Also i have already an gtx 1060 3gb , so i guess it will not bottleneck
  12. also should i get in mind about r5 2600 or 2600 X?
  13. ok guys ! :)) thanks for helping me out ,
  14. So im thinking to buy a i5 8500 . But idk how to find a good and proper mobo . Im searching for a mobo with budget up to 150$ . I just want a good one and that it will be updated for like 2-3 years . Any suggestions?
  15. So in conclusion i can see that the fps problem comes from the usage of cpu and maybe from ram?