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  1. A heat sink could be placed in the lake...
  2. I have a new video idea for LTT - Truly silent water cooling by using a powerful to draw cold water from a lake and then dump the warm water back in the lake. Due to the size of lakes fans wouldn't be necessary and it would be silent. Filters would be necessary though... They could use the lake that they flew the float plane over for Luke. Just an idea... Filters would be necessary or, a heatsink could be placed into a lake, and would probably be the better way as a result of the cleanliness of lake water.
  3. That's a shame - of course that was to be expected at some point. If only there is another way...
  4. Does anyone now how the Google drive backup of the LTT servers is going? In one of their recent sponsor spots for pulseway, Jake had an active machine on it called "GOOGLE-WRECKER" that was on, so as far as I know it is still happening? If it is, how far through has it got, running the multiple instances? Attached is a screenshot of the GOOGLE-WRECKER machine. Did Google throttle the uploading?