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  1. I tried a different drive with windows and the issue persisted so i can confirm that it is not a windows issue and it might be helpful to mention that my CPU was overclocked to 4.5GHz and since i downgraded my bios it rest my settings(overclock too) and i haven't noticed that red light on my mobo but the cpu light still comes on in the off state of my computer what would you guys suggest I do? replace my motherboard? or how can i confirm its a motherboard issue?
  2. @Homeless Pineapple I’ve downgraded my bios to 1.7 like you said with no luck my fan, led strip and case still stays on, you said that my expansion card may have drawn too much power, it has a molex connection but I don’t have it plugged in because I didn’t think it was necessary for some reason so do I actually need that molex connected
  3. its all disabled by default and i will try downgrading my bios, maybe not until tomorrow so ill @ you in my next reply probably tomorrow. thank you so much for your help so far
  4. this led is red when my computer is on but off when my computer is in its "off state" (when i shut down windows but things stay on)
  5. I just shut down my computer to take notice of every little detail and all my fans shut off but one and my led strip stayed on but my motherboards "EZ Debug LEDs" was lit on CPU so I don't know if there might be a problem with my cpu or if it showed that because my pump may have turned off and my CPU stared to overheat
  6. I set EuP 2013 to Enabled and by doing that it also set DeepSx Power Policies from disabled to "enabled in S4-S5" then i saved it rebooted loaded windows then right clicked on the start button and shut down windows with no luck fans still spinning and led strip still on
  7. It is set to "Power Off" by default
  8. here's a fix i found over on tomshardware hope it helps http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-3128597/windows-error-10016.html
  9. This all started about a week ago i think a couple days after i got my USB expansion card (ROSEWILL RC-508) i don't know if that has anything to do with my issue but that works fine but my computer doesn't turn off, windows shuts down but my computer doesn't turn off like the power stays on and sometimes even my fans ramp up. I think windows restarts rather than shuts down because an application that usually only comes on with my computer when i restarted it now comes on when i "shut down" my computer. basically i press the windows shut down button then my computer stays on so i flick the PSU switch off then when I turn the switch on again the computer comes right back on no matter how long its been off and if its on and i hold the power button it shuts down windows but the computer stays on and if I press the power button again then windows starts up again. I've tried so many things to fix this i took the expansion card out and restarted my computer, updated the bios (when i tried to update my bios with m-flash the system went to restart to boot into m-flash but turned off and didn't come back on so i turn off the PSU switch and turned it back on and then it booted into m-flash), cleared the cmos, took out my ram and put it back in. I don't know what to do and this is killing me someone please help me Specs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hf1xLxl5gJorSKg9p7lQxPHeUEqnNMwJ5y-vjkjY0fs/edit?usp=sharing and yes my system is originally from ibuypower but with some things upgraded and added