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  1. RGB may be nice for show, but I build my computers in rack mount cases and don't like the fact that I will have to spend extra for all that useless power wasting glitz I don't want and won't be seen.
  2. I would hope video cards are better designed then a decade or so back when an online game redid their engine and for the loading screen it a static image but the engine treated it as game to be rendered. As there was nothing really to render, people where seeing FPS in 4-5 digits and a lot of video cards burned up if the user didn't have v-sync turned on before starting the game to keep it from going into those high frame rates.
  3. Keeping the computer up high helps. The higher it is, the less dust it tends to pick up. But keep in mind that hot air rises, so you are moving it into the hottest area of the room.
  4. I am still on 7 so the sdettings are not the same as 10, but in 7 there are some settings that control how the extra screens are used. That could effect dragging from one to the other.
  5. Yea, you want to start at the power supply when protecting the computer because power surges can come at anytime. A good line regulating UPS will help a lot to protect your power supply against surges as well as help it regulate by pre-regulating against power spikes and drops. Sometimes during the hottest parts of the summer my ups will go into a boost mode when area (including ours) AC's kick on which I've seen cause the line voltage drop into the range of 105-108. The power grid does try to compensate and when all those ac's start shutting down, the voltage sometimes goes a bit over 120 for a very short time. It's supposed to be at ~115-120.
  6. I wish AMD still offered their cpu's without fan/heat stink. That fancy thing they bundle may be ok, but for those of us who want better, we should be forced to buy what we're not going use, need, or want.
  7. There is some info about how the cores will interconnect. also, talk about ~10% boost to IPC and ~200Mhz higher clock thanks to the new process.
  8. I am seeing leaks and info about Ryzen 4000 coming out, looks like about middle of next year. Anyone hear anything about a new chipset to go with it? X570 is basicly v1.0 of a design and it shows with the need for a fan to keep it cool and the over pricing. My last build was on a NF980-G65 motherboard with a AMD x4 945 cpu. I like to build computers with long term usefulness.
  9. why would a hacker be storing anything on the target server? don't they normally try to leave as little a trace of their activities as possible? Maybe the full drive was just the result of yet another problem...
  10. I never liked bundling. I would prefer a a price cut over being forced to buy a game or other product I don't want.
  11. Reliability is far more important than speed. To me, NAND is a dead end for this kind of storage. They should stop wasting resources trying to squeeze more out of it and move on. I keep hoping Micron will get off their butts and start kranking out 3d XPoint/QuantX memory for SSD's. That is a step in the right direction. They cry about it being too costly to compete, but that's only because they won't mass produce it on the level that brings it down to the cost of nand. And Intel is brain dead trying to use it for system ram. That goes back to the same problem using nand for drives. When they can get the reliability to that of static ram, then use it for system ram.
  12. I have Emsisoft Anti-Malware and it's not even listed
  13. You fine a company and they just raise prices or lower wages of their grunts or both. The slobs at the top resposible for it all are never touched.
  14. For games, you want raw clock speed more then core count. And the base clock speed seems like a likely indicator of what kind of sustained speeds you can expect. The 16 core has a lower base clock speed because it has so many cores in that small area, heat limits it. Looks like you have to go all the way down to one of the 8 core cpu's for the highest base speed. So seems it would come down to the 8 or 12 core with the 12 core giving an advantage in dealing with all those background threads windows thinks it needs.