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    Cork, Ireland
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    Storage management
  1. I use it for file share only, so mediastream can not comment. But i have 214j 2bay small box at home and it has been working 24\7 for now 6 years no porblem. Daily watching movies and using for photo backups.
  2. I have just installed 1u synology rs818+ with 4x 10TB and so far installation and implementation with active directory was seamless. I can recommend it.
  3. @pstarlord... will know much more next week and then weeks after that. So ill hold on buy till mid january. Ill be buying component at a time anyways.
  4. I know, and AMD did commit on few generations to sit on am4, and x470 will be still relevant. But question is to wait after CES or to go ahead and start building with x470 and wait for new CPU. gigabyte gaming 7 does come with plenty of overhead for more power hungry future CPUs
  5. Hi all, Im planing to pull a plug on new motherboard and made decision to go with gigabyte x470 gaming 7. But question is are there any rumours on new chipset that will better compliment ryzen 3. Kind regards, Marko