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    my name is james timmons,im a disabled computer freak! i have agoraphobia which makes it hard for me to go out anywhere but i manage somehow,i also have hip degenerate disease which makes it hard for me to walk for extended times but i manage,i live off of a disability check so building a pc takes me years usually by the time i have the money everything i wanted is out of date,so nowadays i just dream of having a nice gaming machine,but reality makes it only that,,,a dream,i love Linus he has sorta the same attitude i have and every video is a treat to watch.
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  1. well that sounds great to me,5700XT it is then,cant justify spending 100 dollars or more for maybe 10% more performance,and yeah for me rtx is just meh,and i wont need nvenc so ok i have a choice now thanks for the info everyone!
  2. ok so next question would the 5700XT be a significant upgrade over the 980TI im using now? a lot of people are trying to get me to go with a 2070 super instead but price per performance cant be beat with the 5700XT to me.
  3. planning on getting an upgrade GPU coming from a 980ti to most likely 5700XT red devil or something like that,anyways i been getting mixed bag of comments about it either not working or working with pcie 3.0,and the motherboard im on is a ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme,bit older board but still very relevent for just gaming with a 6700k cpu.....so will it work? i sure hope so....
  4. Oh sorry yes it is in fact 3600 C16 ram found it at newegg,theres a few good deals there right now! but its just 2 stix so i can in future get another set for 64gb if i wanted lol overkill af tho even 32gb isnt needed but the price is insane at 194$ that mobo you listed may be cheaper at newegg also ill look into that,i figured the direct 14 phase rail would be great for that cpu....not going to use an AIO cooler i already have tubes fittings and res/pump and rads,just need a block that will fit that socket,i think EK has them but there pricey,i can go around 100-200 over budget if i must but thats the limit for sure! lol...Super appreciate the info!
  5. wow nice picks i was thinking AMD also,however i dont need a cooler i have a ton of custom water cooling stuff so it will get custom loop treatment,also i dont need any hdd's or ssd's i have those covered,and i already have a 750W seasonic prime platinum PSU. what i came up with was 3700x gigabyte aurus master,found 32gb gskill royals for 194$ !! and of course the 5700xt.only came to 70$ over but thats fine,however i need a dang water block for that CPU tho:(..........
  6. so i have 1200 to spend on a new system i have a case monitor and all that stuff,i need a cpu,mobo,ram and thats about it,should i go amd? i mainly game online and am going to be streaming soon also,i just need the system to be fast as possible lol oh and a gpu if possible lol
  7. ok so wasnt sure where to put this post so here it is,anyways what i want to do is raid 2 nvme m.2 drives in raid 0 then i want to raid 2 ssd's also raid 0,and of course have my gpu running at 16x so what cpu would i be able to do this with? 3700x,3900x,9900k,9900x,9820x......those are my cpu choices which would get the job done?
  8. ok so you just did a video on an AOC monitor for like 250 bux i think it was,now it wasnt the greatest thing ever for sure but to be fair you guys should review this AOC Agon AG273QCX 27'' its relatively cheap for the features you get like the HDR with 450 Nits brightness!! which i would love for you guys to confirm before i buy the dang thing lol but mostly just to give AOC a better chance for redemption.OH i forgot to say it also has RGB!!!
  9. yeah big difference between rated for and designed for,or rather made for....i would just grab a schiit audio amp and be done with it,excellent quality and future proof,well as in if you have 250ohm headset now and want 600 in future....i love my schiit...no pun intended,like night and day coming from onboard audio to that thing,heck even cheapo headphones sound good on it lol
  10. does that 58x have a mic? im also looking into a new headset,but i have a schiit audio amp called the valhalla lol strange names i know.
  11. wow those prices are insane...too bad 1080p is a thing of the past tho....now if they were 1440p may be a bit more interesting lol
  12. i havent thought of the 9940x ill take a look,and this isnt a build for budget or even necessary really i have the money and just want different builds for personal reasons,heck i may be doing a stream about them idk yet,but more pc's the better lol thats why i said "collection" not as a collectors stand point but more of the idea of just having these different pc's around...i laready have several other older builds i have completed for the collection so now its on to modern stuff...i may do ryzen 3900x and a 3rd gen threadripper just to have them....i have plenty of money to burn so this is what i want to do.
  13. not sure on all the specs but one is an asus vivobook and the other is a HP 15........So i found out that the asus isnt even upgradeable but the HP i can add some ram to so i will be buying ram for the HP only...that made it easier to choose lol and as far as cpu perf. the HP with the N3540 is about 1ghz faster than the asus so theres that.Couldnt find the exact asus model but i found a link to the HP.... https://www.amazon.com/HP-15-R132WM-Laptop-Pentium-2-16GHz/dp/B00UY4012O
  14. not really in the market for a laptop,got these free from friends,its only purpose is so my aging father can watch his fav. shows online.Dont need a fancy laptop for that really,but the responsiveness is utter crap lol figured another stick of ram would help a lot.And i never understood why these laptops came with win.10 installed with such little ram.4gb is not even the recommended amount to even run win 10 is it?
  15. yeah i think i will wait for the 3950X,i never built an AMD pc so i cant say im a fanboy,however im beginning to like the way they come up with new stuff,i mean they are right now the only ones with pcie 4.0...not a huge deal but i like that they brought it out,very innovative in my opinion.So i may end up a "fanboy" whatever that is lol