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    hagerstown MD.
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    everything computers!
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    my name is james timmons,im a disabled computer freak! i have agoraphobia which makes it hard for me to go out anywhere but i manage somehow,i also have hip degenerate disease which makes it hard for me to walk for extended times but i manage,i live off of a disability check so building a pc takes me years usually by the time i have the money everything i wanted is out of date,so nowadays i just dream of having a nice gaming machine,but reality makes it only that,,,a dream,i love Linus he has sorta the same attitude i have and every video is a treat to watch.
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  1. xreaperx22

    will 980ti bottleneck new pc?

    will do though if you want it back to air cooling youll have to install it back yourself lol but it will come with the original box and original cooler,
  2. xreaperx22

    Getting a new mechanical keyboard need ADVICE

    i have the corsair k95 platinum with cherry speed keys and i love it! but the cherry mx red or the speeds may not be for everyone,they are very clicky loud and are super sensitve i swear if you breathe on this thing hard enough the key would register,but i love it cuz i can now push with confidence that the key will indeed register.unlike my old logitech g510 that had membrane keys,had to push it it all the way down for it to register but again it was old so.
  3. xreaperx22

    Power supply

    honestly i would see the price difference for that 550 and a 650 and if it isnt much just get the 650.
  4. xreaperx22

    Just got fiber help

    theres not alot you can do but there are some tweaks,try here for starters https://www.speedguide.net/
  5. xreaperx22

    will 980ti bottleneck new pc?

    i will be getting rid of it soon as i get the 2080ti so i guess you have first dibs lol
  6. xreaperx22

    will 980ti bottleneck new pc?

    oh good,yeah cuz ill be using it for awhile untill i have the funds for the 2080ti
  7. xreaperx22

    will 980ti bottleneck new pc?

    yeah your right,idk just feel weird using the 980ti in the new system lol
  8. ok so im doing a new build and so far have got everything like gigabyte aorus master z390 mobo,intel 9900k cpu,32gb dominator plat.rgb 3200,seasonic prime ultra 750w psu,and some radiators and other stuff i needed for the new case to water cool all for just around 2k$ but i have to wait to get the new gpu which will be a 2080ti but untill then i will be using a 980ti so will there be a bottleneck?
  9. yeah,whenever i do a new build i always say "this is my final pc build" then 3 years down i do another lol
  10. cool i would go for it then,it will be a beast of a machine that will last you for along time,at least until the next gen intels come lol! unless your like me and only upgrade every like 4 gens if im able.
  11. that almost looks like a mirror to my list lol im also doing a new build,this looks good tho i mean if you have the money
  12. true that godlike is even more epic but that aorus master is only like 280 or so compared to that 500+ for the godlike but either one has what you need and both are pretty epic
  13. no problem,and that board is pretty epic too!!
  14. on the spec sheet it says 1 x USB Type-C™ port with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support, available through the internal USB header 1 x USB Type-C™ port on the back panel, with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support 3 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports (red) on the back panel 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports (2 ports on the back panel, 2 ports available through the internal USB header) so 2 ports available through the internal usb header
  15. most newer boards have plenty of usb 3,1 plus type c,have you looked at the gigabyte aorus master? https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-MASTER-rev-10#kf