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  1. same. thought it would be good to have a fast android phone a few years back but the thing has been crap since 2 weeks after i had it and had loads of problems.wont be buying one again. samsung or iphone for me
  2. just been reading this. so how do I turn it off haha
  3. Thejamie408

    How far can I OC a 2600?

    id like to know how to oc properly I have a msi board so just use the multiply on there I do tinker with the volt cant get my 2600 over 4.1 atm that's all core if anyone wants help that would be great
  4. Thejamie408

    RX 570 drivers won't install

    yeh thought so mate its a sprange on I have the 570 and windows detects it straight away
  5. Thejamie408

    RX 570 drivers won't install

    you did unistall the driver I assume?