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  1. Hello! After purchasing a STRIX RTX2060 for fairly cheap and having to saw my drive bay open to house it in my case, it's about time i purchased a new one. After looking around for fairly cheap options (This one should be around 70 euros), the CR500 seems to be one of the better ones. 3 built in fans (2 in the front, 1 in the back, which creates positive air pressure), a lot of filters (even for your drive bay), cable management support and a tempered glass panel. I have an ASRock A320M-HDV motherboard, which is Micro ATX Form Factor: 9.1-in x 8.1-in, the case supports Micro ATX, yet on their website the size of the Micro ATX is 9.6x9.6, so I'm wondering if my motherboard will fit. The stock cooler on the Ryzen 5 2600X (the Wraith Spire) should be good, the case supports up to 180mm cooler size (not quite sure what this means, so I'm a bit skeptical). My 2060 is 30 x 13.2 x 5 centimeters, the case supports up to 40 centimeters, so that should be fine. My RM 550x PSU is 150mm x 86mm x 160mm, the case supports up to 220mm, so that should be a great fit as well. All of the reviews that I've seen about this case are really good, so I'd like to know your opinion, and whether the components will fit or not. Thank you for your time!
  2. For a 10 dollar difference, is there any point to buy the cheaper one? If they'd cost the exact same, would you buy the XC Black Gaming or the XC Gaming?
  3. Yeah, I bought it for cheap since all of the games that interest me weren't all that CPU heavy, so I didn't plan on overclocking. I don't think I'll need to upgrade it any time soon, but thanks for the input!
  4. I actually stumbled up on that video too, though i skipped through it and didn't even notice the lack of difference in the performance. Now my question is: which one of the EVGA is better? The EVGA XC Black Gaming seems inferior in every (only two) way to the EVGA XC Gaming - clock speed and texture fill rate. Both look identical, the price difference is only 10 dollars, the XC Gaming one being the costlier one.
  5. i care more about the performance and thermals of the card rather than the noise it makes - my 10603gb on 100% fan usage is like a vacuum cleaner, but due to my headphones i don't really hear it that much the Strix i keep mentioning comes factory-overclocked, right? wouldn't want to muck around with overclocking too much
  6. tomshardware, reddit, a couple of posts on this forum too. From my personal experience, Asus is really good, so i think the Asus one would be the best option for me.
  7. Read a fair amount of reviews about Gigabyte, saying their cards are inferior quality, so I don't want to buy anything from them. No bad reviews about EVGA or Asus ones.
  8. Got a monitor with G-Sync, so I'd like to stick to stuff that supports it. Also, lots of games coming out "soon" that I'd love to play, so I don't really want to wait too much.
  9. I could get the "EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 XC Ultra Gaming 6GB GDDR6 PCIE 06G-P4-2167-KR" for around 490 dollars from a reliable Latvian shop, so it'd be much easier to return/get it repaired in case of a malfunction. The Strix card would cost me about 530, so i think the factory overclock, better thermals and clock speed would be worth the extra 40 dollars. On the website, it says that the EVGA has an 1830 Turbo Speed, but does this mean I'd have to overclock it manually? I have no experience with overclocking, always saw it as a medium risk - low reward thing.
  10. World of Tanks can be decent - the game is really stable, doesn't need a beefy system to be played. The only problem nowadays is that it's way too team reliant, though you can still have loads if fun if winning isn't your only objective. Playing without putting in some money into it can be slow and miserable at times, but i'd still recommend trying it. League of Legends was my favorite game for 3 or so years, now I've switched to Apex as well, and it's an amazing game. Works really well for me, no crashes, no performance issues.
  11. Hi! Using a lot of suggestions from multiple forums, including this one (link to thread), I've decided to purchase an RTX2060 GPU, but now another question has arisen - which model should I go for? Overall, the price difference between the most expensive and the cheapest one is around 110$, the most expensive one being Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2060 OC Edition. From what I've seen, this card has the best thermals of all of the cards, obviously the best performance, it also comes factory overclocked at 1830 MHz. In the most recent Linus video, where they compare the AMD vs Intel builds, both Linus and Anthony go for a Zotac 2060 Twin Fan, which is about 100 dollars cheaper than the Asus ROG one. I've looked through some other threads on 2060, a lot of people recommend the Asus ROG, but some people also recomment the EVGA Dual Fan design. These are my current specs: Windows 10, 64 bit Corsair RM 550X (550W, recently upgraded with the help of this forum, thanks!) AMD Ryzen 5 2600X NVIDIA 1060 3GB ASRock A320M-HDV Predator Z1 (2560 x 1440, 144Hz) Any feedback is welcome! Thank you for your time!
  12. This is a decent Latvian website, could you have a look and say which one of these are good? There's a lot of models, obviously the triple-fan ones look the best and are the most expensive ones. I checked out the Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2060 OC Edition, it has a "gaming mode" clock of 1830 (base is 1365), so it seems pretty good. The cheapest one is 1680 and 1365 respectively. Only about 70 euro difference between the most expensive and the cheapest one.
  13. I definitely won't buy anything second-hand. Any thoughts on the 2060, 1070Ti? Monitor has G-Sync, so I'd prefer an NVidia card.
  14. There's seem to be 3 types of 2060's for sale, all go for approx 370 dollars (two and one fan designs). Now that I think about it, the 1070Ti is within my price range, (an extra 35 dollars is okay), so maybe that's an option. About the motherboard - I'm not gonna upgrade my motherboard to support two cards, since one should be enough, so I guess that answers that - I'll just sell the 1060.
  15. Do you buy a phone with a waterproof feature to go swimming with it? Of course not. I doubt anyone'd go through the hassle to remove the water-seal, since there's no real reason to. Also, can't you open the phone back/case and see if it has waterproofing on the battery? If it does, it probably hasn't been messed with...