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  1. so my new motherboard arrived and i fitted the cpu and changed everything over and still no boot with dual channel so that leaves only the cpu, so it looks like the memory controller inside the cpu is damaged or something i really dont know but its 100% the cpu so thats a bummer anyways just thought id post my findings...
  2. Brennan_Price is there really that much difference between dual and single channel ram? both these benchmarks have the same amount of ram 16gb and speed 2133 and the same processor the only variables are motherboard and the fact that mine is running single channel and the other is dual channel also the pc pointblank refuses to run some games like farcry primal at anything more than 30fps and even then it stutters like crazy (before this ram issue the game ran fine) im just hoping the motherboard fixes the issue and its not the processor. i know it was a silly mistake it was instinctive one of them moments when you act without thinking and then instantly regret it. thanks for your reply
  3. Heyy, so while going ahead with my yearly routine of cleaning out my pc fresh install of windows and re-pasting my gpu/cpu and giving it a nice blow out with some air i have ran into some issues so it all went fine and i put my system back together and it booted fine when checking my devices i noticed i only had 8gb (1dim) of ram installed so me being an idiot reached inside my case and just pushed my 2 sticks down to make sure they are seated correctly (while pc was on) and one of them clicked so i restart the pc so the second stick can be loaded (asus boards only have 1 clickie thingy at the top so its hard to notice the bottom sometimes) and it all lights up but comes up with a flashing red led for the ram so i do what the manual says and press the MEMOK button to reset the ram the pc restarts and nothing i then try different positions of ram a1, a2, b1, b2, a1/a2, b1/b2, a1/b1, a2/b2 my findings are a1 and a2 are toast but b1 and b2 are still working ( it was a2 that i pushed the ram into that was not seated correctly) so i am annoyed i broke it but atleast it still works i intend to upgrade to ryzen 2 anyways but obviously would like to retain these parts and not break them anyway once the pc is loaded up i pull up msi ab and load into a game to see the reality of single channel performance vs dual channel and i noticed a that in some games im running 144fps (Gsync) and it keeps stuttering and other games refuse to run above 30fps and in these games my cpu and gpu are lower than 50% in some cases much lower, so i try my ram on my friends zen+ pc and they work fine so i know its not the ram. is it possible to damage the motherboards wiring so the performance from b1,b2 is lowered? or could this be the cpu? i did some geekbench cpu tests and compared them against another 6700k (i have ordered a cheap mb from amazon h110 pro btc+ i know its a mining board but it is super cheap and compatible only £29.99) im just wondering if anyone has any more things i can potential check now before this new mb arrives on saturday? pc Specs cpu - 6700k - 4.5oc at 1.3v (disabled to default for troubleshooting) cooler - h100i v2 ram - 16gb vengeance pro rgb ram 3200 (disabled xmp for troubleshooting so 2133) mb - z170-e motherboard from asus gpu - 1080ti strix psu - evga 750 g3