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  1. samuschac

    If I can get a Radeon VII...

    Picked up my Radeon VII today, thanks for the input everyone!
  2. samuschac

    If I can get a Radeon VII...

    3 years maybe? Not sure how long it sat on the shelf before I bought it. Definitely not old enough to be doing what its doing. It's decidedly out of warranty though.
  3. samuschac

    If I can get a Radeon VII...

    Thats what I'm thinking, but it started acting really strangely; artifacts, frame drops, etc. No OC on it either. Not sure if a driver issue or a cooler issue. Temps suddenly got real high, I'm waiting on some kryonaut to replace the paste and see if that fixes it. Might hold onto it for a small travel PC. I'd decided on this upgrade well before the 1070 started acting weird, though.
  4. samuschac

    If I can get a Radeon VII...

    9700k, Gigabyte z390 Aorus pro wifi, 32GB 3000mhz RAM, H150i CPU cooler, enough fans, Lianli 011 Dynamic, 850W EVGA PSU.
  5. samuschac

    If I can get a Radeon VII...

    I might be able to get a Radeon VII for about the same price as a high end RTX 2070, Think in the $580ish range. A good comparison would be an EVGA XC Ultra 2070 to a Radeon VII. I'd love to read some opinions about which is the better buy. Bear in mind that I'm in this for value, I don't buy hardware based on brand allegiance. Gaming is the primary use case, some light video and photo editing are secondary use cases. Edit: upgrading from an MSI Aero GTX 1070 ITX card. No need to worry about the form factor, as my system is now an ATX sized system.