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  1. Specs: GA-78LMT-S2 rev 1.0 - BIOS Version F2 AMD Athlon II 64 x2 3.4GHz Crucial 480GB BX500 SSD WD Blue 500GB HDD Well, I've been dealing with this for a week already as that was when my SSD arrived. I've already tested almost everything, and I keep going into walls. So, this is what has happened, the long story, if you want the summary, go down. So, the SSD arrives, happily I plug it in with my SATA cable and SATA Power. Then I plug my W10 USB and go into bios, I boot from the USB. When I go to install Windows 10 on the SSD: Or something in that vicinity. So, I figured: Oh right, when I installed Windows 10 in my HDD I installed in IDE (I didn't know about that before really, I looked it up). So, I googled how to change IDE/RAID HDD to AHCI, and I did it, succesfully. Then I went to install Windows 10 on my SSD, and ta-da, I did, everything went smoothly and no errors. But then, I tried to boot from it, and oh - surprise, it got stuck at the "Verifying DMI Data" screen. So, this is an old computer, I understand, but I think that this problem I'm encountering shouldn't be one. So, after this I googled "Windows 10 SSD stuck at Verifying DMI Data", and it said something about remapping the MBR or remaking it, so I downloaded EaseUs and did it, but still, I can't get the SSD to boot to Windows, no matter what I do. I've already tried every SATA port, different SATA cables, still no succes. I can use the SSD as another drive, but that's not what I wanted it for, I wanted to have everything on here, system-wise, and save photos/videos/movies, etc in the HDD. Anyone have any ideas of what I could try? I've not given up yet, but I'm about to, I'm just assuming by now the hardware is old and that's just that, but for some reason it doesn't make sense to me yet. Summary SSD Arrives, plug it in, can't install Windows 10 Chance IDE to AHCI from BIOS, can install Windows 10. Can't boot into Windows 10 - dayum. Reconstruct MBR, still can't boot to Windows 10 - dobledayum. What do? I'm begging you, I just wanted this drive to be my main system drive, but can't seem to accomplish it.
  2. XlimZ502

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    Just one. An Athlon X2 II 270. I plan to buy a powerful rig when this one breaks down. For now I don't need it that much, I don't game a lot because of time, so yeah, that's it.
  3. XlimZ502

    Seeking Ram Help Please

    As long as they have the same latency and frequency, I think you're good to go. And 16GB is a lot just for gaming. I don't know why you complain xD.
  4. XlimZ502

    Case/PSU not being grounded properly?

    I didn't replace it sooner because I really don't mind if this system breaks down. I mean, it's an Athlon x2 @ 3.4GHz, 4GB RAM and a 500GB HDD. It's a 2012 computer AIO that I bought because I needed it when I didn't have any knowledge about hardware or wasn't really into it. Now that I like it a lot, I would like to change it someday, and I'm really just waiting for this to break down so I can buy a new one. I'm pretty minimalistic about it and say "Well, I don't really NEED a powerful PC right now, so I'll just keep this until it breaks down, and then I'll buy the powerful one". So, what 500W PSU do you recommend? You can tell me names and I'll look it up in a page where they sell a lot of things in my country (mercadolibre.com.ar). I saw the Seasonic 750W 80 PLUS Gold Modular and it really caught my attention, but if you say it's too much, which one should I buy? EDIT: Right now it's at AR$5650 which at change it's U$D150 right now (Yeah, we have a lot of inflation and importation fees, so take that as normal) Yeap, that's it xD. I'm also really amazed it held up for 6 long years and didn't break anything. (Hoping my GPU's still alive though).
  5. XlimZ502

    Case/PSU not being grounded properly?

    Yeah, that could be too, it's been making some weird noises for a year already when I boot it up. Also, I'm not sure, but I think it either killed my old GPU (R7 250X) or it wasn't able to deliver the needed power to it because my screen went totally red while watching Netflix and I was never able to use it again. It's an Eurocase CL - 500. But I'm pretty sure it's really bad. I will probably change it soon with a 700+ PSU so when I build a new PC I will have a lot more power than needed and be sure I don't have to buy a new PSU ^^. If you could recommend one, that'd be awesome. Also, take in mind I'm from Argentina, so some brands may not be here.
  6. XlimZ502

    Case/PSU not being grounded properly?

    Actually, it kind of stops in parts of the day but continues in others. I think that if the problem persists and gets worse I'll probably just call an electricist who know far more than me and have the equipment to track it. Thank you for the response! ^^.
  7. XlimZ502

    Case/PSU not being grounded properly?

    Actually, the alarm speaker has some kind of interference too. How could I track the source of it?
  8. XlimZ502

    Case/PSU not being grounded properly?

    I mean, the static is in the headset, which would tell me is more of an electric issue, wouldn't it? And also, I just put it lightly and it stops in my headset, so yeah, I think static is the thing. That may be highly possible. I'm surprised this computer is holding up after 6 years of use (Bought it in 2012) Ok, I just tried another thing. What the fuck. I turned OFF my PC. The static sound is still on my headset. I TURNED THE PSU SWITCH OFF, AND THE STATIC SOUND INCREASED IT'S VOLUME. Only when I took the cable OFF it stopped. What the hell is this? (By the way, the same happens with the fron audio jack)
  9. Hello there! I've come here today to ask a really weird thing hadn't happened to me I think in all of the years that I've been using computers (6) (18 now). I've got a Logitech G231 headset, and just like 30 minute ago I started hearing static in my left ear. As I always do, I tried it in other device to discard either the PC or the headset, to know which of them both could be having troubles. And surprisingly, it was the computer, I googled it and found out it could be interference or the case not being grounded properly, so my instantaneous instinct was to put my hand on it to try this, and BOOM it worked. But as soon as I took my hand out, the interference/static noise continues. So, I guess there might be an issue either with the PSU not being grounded properly, or dying altogether) (It's a 6 years old Generic PSU, I have an AIO, no money for a good PC yet) Or a problem with the case. By the way, the PC is on a wood table, look at picture attached. Well, hope you can help me out, if it's time to change PSU/Case or maybe entire PC now.
  10. XlimZ502

    Upgrade SSD First or Mobo?

    No problem mate. Hope all things get better in Venezuela and you'll be able to upgrade to a better CPU and GPU soon. (I'm from Argentina BTW)
  11. XlimZ502

    Upgrade SSD First or Mobo?

    SSD. MOBO would only be noticeable if you needed to do OC and needed better VRMs. Definitely SSD.