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  1. Matthew______2

    aura sync fans

    wHaat areEE gOood rgBb faNs wIth AuRA synC enabLED ??!/1/1?!
  2. Matthew______2

    aura sync fans

    whats the best rgb aura sync fans? (120mm)
  3. Matthew______2

    f a n

    https://pcpartpicker.com/product/qgsmP6/deepcool-rf-120-3-in-1-565-cfm-120mm-fans-rf-120-3-in-1 does that have 3 fans, or 3 features in 1 fan?
  4. Matthew______2

    Air cooling

    What is the best air cooler that is rgb and has asus aura sync. And that can support a high tdp
  5. Matthew______2

    case? rgb? What?

    whats a good AIO, like a really good one also thats 360mm and rgb
  6. Matthew______2

    case? rgb? What?

    i mean like a full rgb case, even if you have to add other fans and stuff
  7. Matthew______2

    case? rgb? What?

    can someone help me with finding a fully rgb atx case full tower case - can be mid tower if it has to be that is under 200$
  8. Matthew______2

    i think we should be able to edit a fourm that we posted

    oh lol thx
  9. i think we should be able to edit a fourm that we posted for example, spelled somthing wrong. stuff like that! who agrees?
  10. Matthew______2


    the Gigabyte - X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard or the B450 tomawahwk msi
  11. Matthew______2


    whitch one should i get (info: im overclocking the ryzen 7 2700)
  12. Matthew______2


    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jks4kd any suggestions, or stuff i should change
  13. Matthew______2

    amd proceccer

    Thank you
  14. Matthew______2

    amd proceccer

    im sry, i dont understand. Can you explain further.
  15. Matthew______2

    amd proceccer

    u didnt anser my question