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  1. That's a mighty fine profile pic you have there


    Shame you stole it from me and didn't even bother trying to hide the watermark

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    2. imreloadin


      How about we all use it in honor of the highly esteemed flibberdipper!


      P.S. Leave the watermark in, I heard he LOVES that!

    3. TVwazhere


      I took this gif of my RGB fan in my Corsair 380T. Seeing as it fits your name, you can use it. I wont be a butt and claim only I'm allowed to use it cause I made it :P 

      Sequence 01_1.gif

    4. ripanotha2013og


      @WhisperingKnickers it really is, honestly. I guess some people are just too tempted by them swaggy noodle arms.