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  1. No it will run just fine.
  2. I recommend corsair vengeance LPX 16 3200mhz 2x8gb
  3. Ero

    Can you cap your fps in games?

    Can you explain more? I want to play on 4k and I know my fps would go above 60fps with rtx 2080 ti so this would be really helpful for me to pick my monitor.
  4. Ero

    Can you cap your fps in games?

    So buying a monitor with freesync is the only way. Tnx
  5. If you are using ryzen you need faster rams, wit intel you gain nothing with faster rams but in ryzen there is a clear difference between performance. Look at this video: There are a lot of examples like that in the net just google it for more benchmarks.
  6. Hello. As the title said I wanna know is it possible to cap my fps in games without using freesync, gsync and vsync?
  7. Ero

    Help me to pick a 4K monitor.

    What about those 2: ViewSonic XG3220 and BenQ EW3270U
  8. Ero

    Help me to pick a 4K monitor.

    But that's 700$ ;-; I don't want to spend that much ;-;
  9. Ero

    Help me to pick a 4K monitor.

    32 if possible if not I'm happy with 27 but nothing lower than that. The important part is I really want accurate colors.
  10. Ero

    Help me to pick a 4K monitor.

    Well I have a 1440p 144hz monitor for gaming but some games like tomb raider or witcher 3 are games with great graphics so I want to experience them on highest setting in 4k to enjoy sightseeing in there. So a 4k monitor with great color accuracy for work that I can also game on it.
  11. Hello I want to pick a 4k monitor for my second monitor and googling for a good monitor was not successful. I want this monitor for designing so I really want it to have good color accuracy also I want to get a good gpu (either rtx 2080 or 2080 ti) and I want to game on it too so at least it has to support freesync too. My budget is 500 USD I can go a little higher too but I prefer to not spend a lot. So in the end an IPS monitor with freesync and it would be great if it would be 10bit too.
  12. Ero

    2K or 4K and what size?

    First thing to consider is what setting you want to play at. If you want to play at lowest setting I think your gpu can handle 4k but that is a no go in my opinion because the whole point of 4k gaming is getting sharp and high quality images. And this is a thing for 1440p gaming too, your gpu at best can handle 60-75 fps in 1440p so if you dont lower the resolution you wont be able to enjoy high refresh rate gaming. If you want a higher resolution gaming I recommend buying a 1440p 60hz if you don't plan to upgrade your gpu later, but you can buy a 1440p monitor with 144hz for a cheap price and save the rest of your money to buy a rx 3080 or 3070 or a rtx 2070 and enjoy the high refresh rate with them.
  13. Ero

    BenQ Zowie 2536 XL (help)

    You simply cant run 144hz constantly on any gpu not even rtx 2080 ti. Each scene have different objects which takes different time to render that's why you see 1% low and 0.1% low in benchmarks. But if you get above 130 then you're using the full potential of your monitor. Also shadows are very demanding on gpu so I recommend turning it off and raise the setting so you can have better vision while holding your high fps.
  14. Max is like 1200 USD. So I cant do that. I can pick him a R7 2700x or i7 8700k with a rx 580 or something or pick a R5 2600x with a gtx 1080.
  15. Hello. A friend of mine want to build a new system for 3ds max rendering and other graphic works like that. But I have no idea if that program use gpu or cpu for rendering, if cpu does it favor single core performance or multi core and if it's prefer intel or amd. Also for it's ram, is 16gb 2400mhz enough or should he get a ram with higher clock?