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  1. Hello. I want to connect 5 display to my gpu but it only have 3 display ports and 1 htmi. I have 2 4k monitor, one 1440p 144hz and an ultra wide 1080p now I want to buy a tablet but dunno how to connect it. Can I use my motherboard onboard htmi? Or should I buy another gpu?
  2. But I saw Asus and MSI b450 motherboards easily reach 4000 or even 4400mhz. It just that none of those boards have 2 m.2 slots and I really need that.
  3. Hello I want to buy B450 elite from Gigabyte and I have some question about it. First in their website Here it said that for overclocking memory it only reach 3600mhz and I want to reach 3733 or even 3800 on all of my 4 rams is it possible? Second is that I dunno if this motherboard is T topology or daisy chain. I want a motherboard with daisy chain. Third is about its upgradability, I will put a R5 2600 in it at first but in 2-3 months plan to upgrade to R7 3700x and I want to get 4.2Ghz on all core those it's VRM can handle it? Thanks in advice.
  4. Thanks I didnt know the english name of those brass things so it become a weird question. Before the brasses come and I had to puts them myself so when I didnt find them I was confused as hell.
  5. Hello, I brought deep cool kendomen case but there is nothing to mount the motherboard on. I think they add that to case but because this is not my build I really dont want to screw it. If anyone knows about this case pls help me and img is attached.
  6. Each games have a save files, some in documents and some in their own folder, just copy the save files in C and after you installing new os copy them back in documents or localfile folder.
  7. Actually this give me an idea and after messing with it it works thanks~
  8. Hello I have 2 monitor but I want to run league of legends separately in those 2 monitor with separate keyboard and mouse. If have is confusing its like this : 2 monitors, 2 set of keyboard and mouse, one case. Can I do it? cause my friend have a very big and old pc and its hard to move it to my house for lan parties so if possible I want him to just bring his keyboard and mouse and we play on my pc. Ps: My pc have i9-9900k and Rtx 2080 ti so I know it can handle 2 league games.
  9. I recommend corsair vengeance LPX 16 3200mhz 2x8gb
  10. Can you explain more? I want to play on 4k and I know my fps would go above 60fps with rtx 2080 ti so this would be really helpful for me to pick my monitor.
  11. So buying a monitor with freesync is the only way. Tnx
  12. If you are using ryzen you need faster rams, wit intel you gain nothing with faster rams but in ryzen there is a clear difference between performance. Look at this video: There are a lot of examples like that in the net just google it for more benchmarks.
  13. Hello. As the title said I wanna know is it possible to cap my fps in games without using freesync, gsync and vsync?
  14. What about those 2: ViewSonic XG3220 and BenQ EW3270U