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  1. so what is the difference between sata III and PCIe Gen 3.0 x2 In terms of speed and if its not that different i do not pay to much there is a 1 tb hdd inside my laptop now that the OS is running from that I'm planing to keep it in as extra storage i consider a 250 GB max for ssd i don't know with one to pick
  2. my question is that i cant understand is if buying Samsung evo 970 is over pay or i should go with a sata ssd m.2?
  3. hello
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  4. hello again hear is a picture of my laptops m.2 is ir SATA or PCI Express what should i buy to get the most out of mt system. and i don't want to buy a 2.5 inch SSD because i want to keep the 1TB HDD in.
  5. nothing especial web developing, a little bit of 3D modeling and rendering, gaming, web surfing(lots of tabs at the same time) and every day use, i hate if when i have to wait for almost 2 minutes for windows boot up completely and be ready. there are these windows processes that are always working in the background and my disk is always active such as host and defender and etc
  6. hello i want to upgrade ma laptop with a NVME ssd Samsung evo970. my question is that i cant understand is if buying this is over paying or not because its a PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 device and i think that my m.2 slut is PCIe Gen 3.0 x2? please help me i cant figure this out i will attach the pic of my system config its an acer laptop core i5 7200U model E5-745G thanks