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  1. I am not able to find any source for making a samba share and configuring it. on the other hand the ftp server was setup in minutes.
  2. nope not aware of openmediavault or xpenology but i know synology so i will give it a try thanks for recommendation.
  3. I will be looking forward to use linux distros...
  4. I Need Server For Following Purposes: 1) Streaming Video Files 2) Streaming Audio Files 3) Retrieving Premiere Pro Files, Photoshop Files, After-Effects Files (I won't be directly editing to network, just download and upload a finished file for archival Storage) 4) Upload Extra and non required files from Windows and Android Devices. 5) Uploading and Viewing Photos of the server as I have more than 120GB of family Photos So I won't download and upload features in the server. I am currently using i3 3210, 8GB RAM 1333MHz, and intel board(it has 1 Gigabit Ethernet) with gt710 I am okay to use Linux but at end of the day, it should be working (Like just pressing the power key and done, it will be running). I am the only person in my house that knows computer so I need this server to be accessed by android phones also. I am not willing to upgrade rn. I have tried Using FreeNAS but somehow it didn't work. I also have installed a plex server UMS. Total Data is near about 1.2 TB I am currently using FileZilla and made it FTP but it somehow cuts some bandwidth and I am not able to stream videos. When I open a video file it starts downloading which I don't want. before all this, I was using a separate hard drive for transfer but things started to become messy. I tried my best for the explanation and thanks in advance for the solution.