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    lost in the lost woods
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    dying student


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    Phast® Intel® Celery® Processor 2955U
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    dill stepmotherboard
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    nothing that chrome can't fill up in 2 tabs
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    Intel® "HD" Graphics for 4th Generation Intel® Processors
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    malformed partially melted piece of plastic with wiring jammed into it
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    worst san dick ssd that keeps slipping out
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    ass use powar bricc
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    the chonkiest monitors
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    a MiG-25 Tumansky R-15 Turbojet Equivalent (thanks @Schnoz)
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    logitech mashed potato board
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    peta open up
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    not much louder than the fan
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    a hunk of metal that spontaneously combusted on april fools
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    basically a really bad yoga book that can't do yoga

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  1. hmm


    someone said "what's linux" during my java class


    the teacher answered "a type of computer"


    me in chat to a friend: no, just no


    the same guy asked "wait is oracle a hacking group"


    me: can i pluck your tinfoil hat off your head

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    2. Gegger


      absolute crap


      data types, arrays, exceptions, loops, and print statements are pretty much what we have gone over

    3. Pascal...


      Also let me guess the majority of your class is boys with just you as the exception, or are there other girls too ? 

    4. Gegger


      the teacher is female, 3/4 students including me are female


      and the guy is an annoying prick and the teacher loves casually roasting him lol

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