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  • Birthday September 21

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    Gegger#9747 (PM me on the forum first)

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    lost in the lost woods
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    dying student


  • CPU
    Phast® Intel® Celery® Processor 2955U
  • Motherboard
    dill stepmotherboard
  • RAM
    nothing that chrome can't fill up in 2 tabs
  • GPU
    Intel® "HD" Graphics for 4th Generation Intel® Processors
  • Case
    malformed partially melted piece of plastic with wiring jammed into it
  • Storage
    worst san dick ssd that keeps slipping out
  • PSU
    ass use powar bricc
  • Display(s)
    the chonkiest monitors
  • Cooling
    a MiG-25 Tumansky R-15 Turbojet Equivalent (thanks @Schnoz)
  • Keyboard
    logitech mashed potato board
  • Mouse
    peta open up
  • Sound
    not much louder than the fan
  • Operating System
    a hunk of metal that spontaneously combusted on april fools
  • Laptop
    basically a really bad yoga book that can't do yoga

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  1. i really hate it when youtube video quality autoadjusts to 144p




    *shakes fist like old man*

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    2. Pascal...


      Does fast.com work ?

    3. Gegger


      1mbps ._.



    4. Pascal...


      oof, well right now we've got 50/20 with a Ping of around 10ms. We really hope that we're gonna get the upgrade to 1000/1000, so gigabit, soon or at least this year still 🤞 and there shouldn't be a cost increase. All of the Cables are already Cat6a so we'd only have to replace the Modem/Router and the APs to either High end WiFi 5 or if the cost comes down then to WiFi 6 gear. It'll be fiber directly into the distribution box in our garden. And me buying a 4K Smart TV later this year and subscribing to a bunch of Streaming Services that will be a needed upgrade.