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  • Birthday September 21

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    murica (but international) parrot gang
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    lurking and stalking (/s) people
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    serial lurker


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    phast intel celery
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    dill stepmotherboard
  • RAM
    nothing that chrome can't fill up in 2 tabs
  • GPU
    basically a gt210
  • Case
    i don't fricken know
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    worst san dick ssd that keeps slipping out
  • PSU
    ass use powar bricc
  • Display(s)
    dummy thiccc monitors
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    a MiG-25 Tumansky R-15 Turbojet Equivalent
  • Keyboard
    logitech mashing board
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    peta open up
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    not much louder than the fan
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    something that committed deletus on april fools
  • Laptop
    basically a really bad yoga book that can't do yoga

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  1. my brain at 3 am: i've never heard of sleep, what's this thing?


    posted at 3:10 am

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    2. Nostril Hair

      Nostril Hair

      Ouch. I hope it's better for you next year. Or your 18th substitute will at least be less of a dumpster fire. 

    3. Schnoz


      On an unrelated note, I may be playing with fluorocarbons (concentrated greenhouse death gas) for my science fair project. Fun.


    4. Tan3l6


      btw - 5-htp actually works and it's marketed as food additive, sold on ebay.

      But warning - if you get bad dreams they are so much more lucid too. But it makes you sleep very well.

      I take 400mg capsules when needed.