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  • Birthday September 21

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    gegger21 & gegger921
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    Dying internally and externally from the lack of techie-ness in the world.
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    Intel Celeron 2955U @1.4GHz
  • RAM
    1GB x DDR3-1600MHz; 2 x SO-DIMM
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    NONE!!!!! unless you count igpu
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    uh shoddy chromebox case
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    16GB SSD
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    LG E2041T-BN Monitor
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    Stoopid Single Fan
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    Logitech K120 Mechanical Keyboard
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    Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse & Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse
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  1. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    i got my finger butchered by one of them
  2. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    I was at the Dollar of Tree today, and I saw a MicroUSB charging dock thing that said "Compatible with Android™ (Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC)". *fumes inside*
  3. I ONLY GOT 10 NOTIFS!!!!!!!


    thanks for not spamming

    1. Schnoz


      @Geggeroh it's on


      3 right here:

      - Schnoz reacted to a status update.

      - Schnoz replied to a status update.

      - Schnoz mentioned you in a reply to a status update.

  4. I have a dance performance tomorrow so please, don't spam my notifs with stuff.

    I'm looking at you 2, Derpy Hooves and Mr Nose Guy

    and maybe that guy that has baby pics coming in August

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    2. Gegger


      @Schnoz press x to doubt

    3. Schnoz




    4. Gegger



      i'm saving that now

  5. Gegger

    Moderators on the forum

    *May contain traces of moderation, banhammers, muffins, and MLP
  6. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    lmao there's been multiple times were some kids have yanked the aed cabinet doors open and set off loud alarms
  7. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    ik what those are, my school has 4 of them
  8. Gegger

    Moderators on the forum

  9. Gegger

    Experiences with non-techies

    Bringing you another episode of: "Stupid Quotes from Non-Techies" "My phone's CPU is better than a 9900K!!!!!!!!" "Apple is under priced!!!!!!" "Android is stupid and expensive!!!!!!" "Wired mice are obsolete!!!!!!" "Chrome OS is the best operating system." "All computers are created equal." "A Raspberry Pi is more powerful than a 2500K." "VGA is the best cable type." "1080p is the same as 4K!!" "All speakers are the same!" "Beats are under priced."
  10. Gegger

    LTT forum "banning" game

    banned because it's about 5 years 10 months
  11. Gegger

    PC shutting down mid games

    Well, you want to see if it's your GPU being broken. In my experience, a broken GPU can cause random shutdowns. Another thing, see if your PSU is powerful enough.
  12. Gegger

    PC shutting down mid games

    Welcome to the forums! I would try running your games with the iGPU, though obviously you aren't even going to get a playable game, see if it doesn't shut down randomly. Could be a card problem. And make sure you aren't accidentally smashing the power button or PSU switch, and check cables. And I totally agree with UnSimpleCurioso.
  13. 249898_200x130.png

    use as needed

    1. LukeSavenije


      that sort of was my first derpy profile picture