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  1. Tore everything apart and put it back togeter twice today. It works now but all my storage was corrupted and had to be formatted so I have to reinstall everything, no biggie tho. Thanks for the help everyone
  2. Yup, also unplugged all the RGB stuff that comes with them, still doesn't work like before. I switched out everything besides the CPU and Motherboard by now and it still doesn't work. So it's probably one of those 2 things
  3. Just tried clearing CMOS , didn't work either
  4. Already looked over everything a couple times, I tried a different psu too, nothing worked, thanks tho
  5. Hi, so two days ago I got some new fans (4x Corsair ll120 with the lighting node and hub), since I switched those with my old fans every time I start up my computer it won't even go to bios and it reboots itself constantly. Also the LL120's won't light up, just the first fan and only 2 LEDs from that fan. I unplugged everything that's not needed for the pc to work and tried it but the same thing happened. Also my fans are all spinning at 100% (at least thats what it sounds like). I don't know what do do anymore, I tried basically everything. My specs are: r5 3600, MSI 1070ti armor with kraken g12 and Corsair h55, ASRock b450 fatal1ty, 16gb of 3200 ripjaw 5, corsair rm750x and my OS is on a WD nvme ssd (I think it's called s1000 or something like that). Thanks for the help in advance
  6. MSI X470 gaming pro R7 2700x Hi, so im planning on upgrading my pc to 32gb of ram I currently own a Ripjaw V kit with 3000mhz and CL15, im planning on buying 16gb of Corsair RGB PRO also 3000mhz and CL15 I know im probably gonna have to run it at a lower speed but does anyone have a clue on how low of a speed? maybe someone has the exact same config thanks in advance