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  1. RIP






    At least he changed his PFP before he went so I don't have to see a dogs butthole every time I see his profile...

    1. Windows7ge


      I always find myself wondering what they did. I see a lot of familiar names that got banned over the past couple years but never thought they'd do anything to deserve it so I'm just like, what'd they do?

    2. lewdicrous


      We lost another soldier

    3. Windows7ge


      He pre-determined his demise so he strategically got just enough rep to forever have "helpful" immortalized on his obituary.

  2. 1758884039_Screenshot_20190207-231439_iFunny.thumb.jpg.b52cac68e7b592b4e32cfbee6fe0d080.jpg

    1. 1kv


      I remember seeing this on the news..

    2. lewdicrous


      One giant middle finger to the school

    3. mxk.


      Gamer confirmation

  3. Your life can't fall apart if you never had it together. 

    1. Schnoz


      Me in a shellnut

    2. mxk.



    3. RuffRuffmcgruff
  4. Is it true that V8 engine is fading away in prefer of V6?
  5. Subway

    can you store a vape upsidedown???

    I don't know what he talking about. Who are these cloud people? Alien?
  6. Subway

    can you store a vape upsidedown???

    You meant people already in the heaven?
  7. Subway


    What is going on here, fellas?
  8. Subway


    Good choice my brother. Stock AMD cooler can handle mid overclock fine too.
  9. Subway

    can you store a vape upsidedown???

    Because doctors will lose $$$ without tobacco products and same with the government and tobacco company.
  10. Subway

    can you store a vape upsidedown???

    But e cigar is the solution to heavy tobacco smokers. Nicotine gum and patch don't work all the time. One of the reasons why the government is so strict on e cigar is because e cigar could impact tobacco economy.
  11. Subway

    Lump on James's Neck

  12. Subway

    Good way to make money

    Job Stock market trading Sell your kidney. I think your kidney worth up to $50k? Sell your soul to Satan. At least it comes with a few toys like Kanye West said.
  13. Subway

    Subaru Fan Club

    Nissan 370z vs Subaru BRZ. Nissan 370z will beat the crap out Subaru BRZ. With 370z, you can slap on some sleepy turbo to make it performs on bar with Nissan GTR aka Godzilla. V4 with 205 HP for $25k? No thank you. The Subaru BRZ engine is so weak that Subaru fanboys demand MORE HP. Subaru planning to upgrade the engine horsepower eitheer in 2020 or 2021. I know it is not fair because 370z has more HP than Subaru BRZ, but consider both of these cars are within $25k - $30k. 0 to 60 time here: https://www.asburyauto.com/compare/2018-nissan-370z-vs-2017-subaru-brz/141409
  14. Subway

    Subaru Fan Club

    Subaru BRZ engine is weak as heck. I prefer V6 over V4.
  15. Subway

    Link yall's pc backgrounds

    Here is mine