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  1. Well I've had this issue for almost 2 weeks now, and I've decided to reinstall Windows without keeping any files. It's finally fixed. I hope you find the solution.
  2. Hello, I have internet speed of a 100Mbps and when I download something from Steam, it downloads it with normal speed (about 11-12MBps), but in all browsers when I put something to download speed is capped to 2MBps or 2.6MBps, it doesn't go above. I first thought that it was because of their servers but then I connected same ethernet cable on my laptop and it was downloading the same file at a normal speed(11-12MBps). It happens on every browser. I scanned pc with malwarebytes and few other programs but nothing was found. I reinstalled lan drivers but it didn't help. Speedtest.net is showing 100Mbps. Any help?
  3. If I could return them, I would return them instantly. The problem is I bought them while I was in the UK but I live in Croatia...
  4. Well, I didn't understand most of what you have written because I don't know much about the audio. So what are you trying to say is that I can't fix this without ruining other things? I've tried the EQ and also found presets from other people but it destroys sound and didn't do much. I can't listen to most of the songs and it's driving me crazy, I feel like I just wasted 78£.
  5. Hello, so I recently bought HyperX Cloud II, and when I'm listening to music, whenever letter S is being heard in a song headphones make a very sharp sound that hurts my ears. They are currently connected with USB but it's the same thing when I connect them on the phone. I've read this is called sibilance but I found no way how to reduce it when listening to music. I tried two other headphones, it's the same thing but it's less heard (that's why I haven't noticed it before). Any help?
  6. Did you find the answer? That's the same question I was trying to find the answer to.
  7. It's not Chill setting, its disabled, I even tried with fans all on max its still happening. I'll try other things you mentioned tommorow. Edit: I wanted to replace thermal paste but it will void warranty (it still has 2yr warranty)
  8. Hello, so basically title explains it, I have Aorus RX 580 4GB, it's not overclocked. When I run GPU stress test with MSI Kombustor and when GPU reaches 67-68C it starts drawing less power (from 180W to 130-150W) and core clock drops from 1380 to 1100-1300. 68C is a normal temp and it shouldn't be doing that. This wasn't happening before, it started happening 3 days ago. I tried reinstalling the driver and installing older drivers, didn't help. What can I do? Cpu: i5 8400Thanks.
  9. I have the same exact problem. Did anyone find the way to fix it?