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    Cerberus X Build RTX2080 Sli 9900K

    Thanks. Good idea, I will flip it. I was initially thinking that it would be blowing fresh air on Ram. BTW any recommendations for a guide on z370/z390 overclocking?
  2. Hi all, I wanted to share with you the final build of the Cerberus X. In a way after looking at current builds monochromatic, I wanted to do something different e.g. I like Noctua fans. Overall the goal was also a silent build, even though I have a bulletproof overclock of 5ghz, I cant hear the system ramp up. 2nd goal, the smallest build considering the components. However I do not know how to OC ram on Z390 any recommendations or guides? Specifications: ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate Corsair Vengeance RGB 16gb 3200mhz WD Black 1TB m.2 ssd 2x 2080FE in SLI 9900k @ 5ghz at 1.33v 800w SFX-L Silverstone PSU Well I hope you like the pics. Happy to anws
  3. No the clocks were lower with the 2700. I am using a dan a4. with the 2700 I had the multiplier locked at 3500 mhz. Now as I am upgrading the case to something bigger (cerberus X) I decided to run the dan A4 without the right panel and the wraith cooler (which is now sticking out)... I attached some images that I just found, I ran the 2700X just when I got it early jan and I had similar results. So something must have happened in the mean time.
  4. Hi all, So I have upgraded from the 2700 to the 2700x (i was not very happy with the boost clocks and my return policy still accepted). And I reran 3dmark 11 however my physics score decreased significantly. And I have no idea why, bios is the same everything is the same just 3d mark decreased. I ran CPU mark as this was the other benchmark I had and that on the other hand is higher. Please advise, do I have a faulty CPU or is it a 3dmark thing?
  5. Vecht

    Static in left ear Shiit Fulla2

    Hi there, well firstly there is this noise when I change volume levels from 0-100 or anything in between. However this I can manage. But the worst is that at any volume level there is static in the left channel. I have changed every setting in windows but no change. I have testes headphones/cables etc...
  6. Vecht

    Static in left ear Shiit Fulla2

    Hi Everybody, I just bought for my son his 1st dac, we tested out with various cables / settings etc... and we hear static in the left ear. At any volume levels. Does anybody have a similar experience, what should I do? Thanks!
  7. Hi everybody, I have a Ryzen 2700 non x thats right a non x. Main reason is the fact that I have a DAN A4 case so the low TDP of 65W is perfect as I get around 76C under prime 95 after 30min. However; I am curious about one thing, when I keep the CPU multiplier at auto (base clock 3,2GHZ) and leave HW monitor on, I have very nice boost frequencies 4,2-4,4 (lets refer to this as non-OC). And know I wanted to raise the boost clock to lets say 3,5GHZ (OC), the problem is that HW monitor reports a constant frequency rather that boosting a core or two to above 4GHZ. Questions; 1.What is better for general performance? The OC profile even though it doesnt boost as high or the non-OC? 2. Is there a way to change the base clock while retaining the changing core clocks? Thank you!
  8. Dear all!Firstly wishing all a fantastic X-Mass and Happy New Year! To my dilemma, I have recently built a DAN A4 with the following components;-Noctua L9i-Corsair SF600-AMD 2700 (non-X) FYI: fantastic thermals with the L9i, 76c after 30m prime95-Corsair Vengeance RGB-RTX 2080 founders -B450 strix-iHowever as a gift I have recieved a second 2080 founder’s for which I am super gratefull, I would have returned the card but it has been over a month. This however renders the DAN and B450 not so useful. Now to the build with the Cerberus X, I am currently in contact with sales at Cerberus with regards to a silver custom case.Now the last thing I would like to do is to cover the CPU area with a PSU and I am not a big fan of AIO’s. I would like to use a Noctua NH-U9S. Naturally the 600watt option will not be sufficient for a dual GPU setup. So, my question to all is how and where could I fit an option that would solely power the second GPU, here are the first things that come to my mind, but you are the experts;-2nd SFX mounted at the bottom would I have clearance though? (63mm is the thickness of a sfx l)-Some HD plex option for the GPU?-Would the silvestone 800w sfx-l unit be 100% sufficient? (final option) Worst case the SFX-L. Last thing I would like to do is use a ATX PSU and AIO. Also will SLI 2080 support G-SYNC? Thank you in advance, Vecht