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  1. Hi Guys, I wanted to reach out the linus tech tips community with regards to my post on reddit concerning issues with my recently purchased Blade, any comments and hints on how to solve the issue would be appreciated. Thanks! Hi everybody, As an FYI, I am reposting parts of the issue originally found; (https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/comments/cfihib/razer_blade_15_oled_2080_terrible_3d_mark/). I must preface this by saying that I have an IT background and that I have owned more than 4 blades, a Zephyrus S and Triton (both shortly as I was considering the Blade). I have gotten the Blade OLED last Friday (07/19/2019). So naturally the first thing to do is to test the system out, on Firestrike I got 16245, then after some kind comments from you I reran those test (https://i.imgur.com/MpCwFNQ.png). (of course I am running the latest drivers, system is plugged in, etc…) Here are the finding after spending my Saturday on the topic; - The OLED version, GPU runs at 80w (https://i.imgur.com/ZccLP0O.png) rather than the exact same model (240HZ IPS, 9750H, 2080MQ) according to (https://www.notebookcheck.net/Razer-Blade-15-Advanced-Model-i7-9750H-RTX-2080-Max-Q-240-Hz-Laptop-Review.420692.0.html). This can be fixed by flashing a different VBIOS (do at your own risk as it may brick your system). Nevertheless, this means that a consumer is potentially purchasing a very expensive device that underperforms significantly! - 90W Courtesy of u/Blake_Thundercock(https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/comments/c9i1x6/razer_blade_advanced_oled_80w_2080_maxq/) - Blade Pro, courtesy of u/hackintoshihope http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/razer-blade-pro-17-2080-max-q-vbios.829747/ -Overall after checking and receiving input from other users the 9th gen is far slower especially the OLED. Courtesy of u/mattmattmatto, https://www.3dmark.com/fs/19906178. However, the worst aspect is the performance as seen in the image of this post. There seems to be an issue in the interface between the display / iGPU / Synapse / dGPU. When I run the built in ACO benchmark on the internal display 42FPS however the moment I run it on the external panel 58FPS a 38% increase! In the case of Rise of the Tomb Raider, on the cheaper 9750H 2080mq blade running the 90W vbios, 126FPS, the predator Triton 500 2080MQ 107. Blade Oled 2080 54FPS. Overall it is my opinion that something should be done to remedy the issue for OLED owners, this is unacceptable that there is the 80w vbios and the fact that there is the issue with the interface causing a SIGNIFICANT performance decrease while using the internal panel. The current recommendation is not to buy the OLED version until this has been clarified. My kind request to Blade owners (especially OLED); - Please run Assassins Creed Odyssey and/or Rise of the Tomb Raider both on internal/external monitors with synapse set to high, no UV/OC to ensure consistency as much as possible. - If anybody has a FB or Twitter account (sorry don’t use them) to push this further, rumor has it that CEO Min-Liang Tan responds to direct messages. I will get in touch via LinkedIn as well. Also, I must note that CS has been very supportive, however I was asked whether my computer is plugged in the wall . Standard I guess, but we are in touch, if we identify a solution, I will keep this post up to date regardless, this shouldn’t happen in a 3600EUR machine.
  2. Hi everybody, While I am not a specialists, I started a petition targeted to Nvidia and AMD to better support multi-gpu. I would kindly ask for your support, also if you would like to change something please let me know! Thanks! https://www.change.org/p/nvidia-multi-gpu-support-by-developers-and-gpu-producers-sli-crossfire
  3. Thanks. Good idea, I will flip it. I was initially thinking that it would be blowing fresh air on Ram. BTW any recommendations for a guide on z370/z390 overclocking?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to share with you the final build of the Cerberus X. In a way after looking at current builds monochromatic, I wanted to do something different e.g. I like Noctua fans. Overall the goal was also a silent build, even though I have a bulletproof overclock of 5ghz, I cant hear the system ramp up. 2nd goal, the smallest build considering the components. However I do not know how to OC ram on Z390 any recommendations or guides? Specifications: ASRock Z390 Taichi Ultimate Corsair Vengeance RGB 16gb 3200mhz WD Black 1TB m.2 ssd 2x 2080FE in SLI 9900k @ 5ghz at 1.33v 800w SFX-L Silverstone PSU Well I hope you like the pics. Happy to anws
  5. No the clocks were lower with the 2700. I am using a dan a4. with the 2700 I had the multiplier locked at 3500 mhz. Now as I am upgrading the case to something bigger (cerberus X) I decided to run the dan A4 without the right panel and the wraith cooler (which is now sticking out)... I attached some images that I just found, I ran the 2700X just when I got it early jan and I had similar results. So something must have happened in the mean time.
  6. Hi all, So I have upgraded from the 2700 to the 2700x (i was not very happy with the boost clocks and my return policy still accepted). And I reran 3dmark 11 however my physics score decreased significantly. And I have no idea why, bios is the same everything is the same just 3d mark decreased. I ran CPU mark as this was the other benchmark I had and that on the other hand is higher. Please advise, do I have a faulty CPU or is it a 3dmark thing?
  7. Hi there, well firstly there is this noise when I change volume levels from 0-100 or anything in between. However this I can manage. But the worst is that at any volume level there is static in the left channel. I have changed every setting in windows but no change. I have testes headphones/cables etc...
  8. Hi Everybody, I just bought for my son his 1st dac, we tested out with various cables / settings etc... and we hear static in the left ear. At any volume levels. Does anybody have a similar experience, what should I do? Thanks!
  9. Hi everybody, I have a Ryzen 2700 non x thats right a non x. Main reason is the fact that I have a DAN A4 case so the low TDP of 65W is perfect as I get around 76C under prime 95 after 30min. However; I am curious about one thing, when I keep the CPU multiplier at auto (base clock 3,2GHZ) and leave HW monitor on, I have very nice boost frequencies 4,2-4,4 (lets refer to this as non-OC). And know I wanted to raise the boost clock to lets say 3,5GHZ (OC), the problem is that HW monitor reports a constant frequency rather that boosting a core or two to above 4GHZ. Questions; 1.What is better for general performance? The OC profile even though it doesnt boost as high or the non-OC? 2. Is there a way to change the base clock while retaining the changing core clocks? Thank you!
  10. Dear all!Firstly wishing all a fantastic X-Mass and Happy New Year! To my dilemma, I have recently built a DAN A4 with the following components;-Noctua L9i-Corsair SF600-AMD 2700 (non-X) FYI: fantastic thermals with the L9i, 76c after 30m prime95-Corsair Vengeance RGB-RTX 2080 founders -B450 strix-iHowever as a gift I have recieved a second 2080 founder’s for which I am super gratefull, I would have returned the card but it has been over a month. This however renders the DAN and B450 not so useful. Now to the build with the Cerberus X, I am currently in contact with sales at Cerberus with regards to a silver custom case.Now the last thing I would like to do is to cover the CPU area with a PSU and I am not a big fan of AIO’s. I would like to use a Noctua NH-U9S. Naturally the 600watt option will not be sufficient for a dual GPU setup. So, my question to all is how and where could I fit an option that would solely power the second GPU, here are the first things that come to my mind, but you are the experts;-2nd SFX mounted at the bottom would I have clearance though? (63mm is the thickness of a sfx l)-Some HD plex option for the GPU?-Would the silvestone 800w sfx-l unit be 100% sufficient? (final option) Worst case the SFX-L. Last thing I would like to do is use a ATX PSU and AIO. Also will SLI 2080 support G-SYNC? Thank you in advance, Vecht