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  1. Lenovo ideapad 300-15ISK type 80Q7 windows 10 latest bios and latest windows 10 april update Is this sufficient or am I missing something??
  2. Should I provide you with my laptop details??
  3. I have a lcd laptop inbuilt display and wish to own a led one because my laptop has good specs but sucks at display. Is it possible to change form an inbuilt lcd to led screen??? If so please respond and if not please explain very curious to know Thank You.
  4. Laptop suddenly beeps while using,it is a motherboard beep because the sound(of the laptop) is off. It doesn't happen after some time of booting it up but instead while I am using it(randomly at any time, not dependent on what task I am performing). The problem started a while ago when I started hearing these beeps.When I searched on the internet, it said it was something related to HDD,don't know whether it is true or not but I am scared(I don't wish to lose my data) please help if you know what the issue is. Thank you.
  5. Which software/appliccations/tolls does linus use in his videos to monitor heating of the processor, speed of individual cores and other stuff???
  6. Can someone please give the best guide on how to dual boot woth each and every step explained