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  1. Hello people, I upgraded to a vega 56 and a ryzen 2700, I have 2*8 3000mhz ram and a proper PSU, cooling. I want my pc in 3-4 years to perform 60 fps 1080p on medium as an acceptable aging process for my wallet. Is that too much to ask?
  2. I upgraded my system to a vega 56 + ryzen 2700. My ram right now is 8gigs 2100, I have ordered two sticks of 2x8 3000mhz. How much of a performance boost will I see, if any?
  3. My psu is a bitfenix formula 80plus gold 650w tier 2. I bought in a package with the vega 56. Yes we are.
  4. Yes, I built his pc. We both were planning to upgrade when the new ryzen came out but we found superb deals. His pc with the same exact specs but with a much weaker gpu gets better fps than i
  5. Fans after 55c go crazy and it's making me insane. They have 1x8
  6. I KNOW, am just asking why people with weaker gpus get much more performance than I
  7. Yes, all ddu done. My brother with the exact same specs is getting 60-75 fps on high with a rx 580 while i with a vega 40. My question is why, also the fans are insane. Hairworks is off.
  8. [UserBenchmarks: Game 87%, Desk 54%, Work 31%](https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/14513468) ||Model|Bench :----|:----|:----| **CPU**|[Intel Core i3-6100](https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Intel-Core-i3-6100/Rating/3511)|62.3% **GPU**|[AMD RX Vega 56](https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/AMD-RX-Vega-56/Rating/3938)|113.4% **HDD**|[Seagate Barracuda 1TB (2016)](https://hdd.userbenchmark.com/Seagate-Barracuda-1TB-2016/Rating/3896)|80.3% **RAM**|[Corsair ValueSelect DDR4 2133 C15 1x8GB](https://ram.userbenchmark.com/SpeedTest/96467/Corsair-ValueSelect-CMV8GX4M1A2133C15-1x8GB)|38% **MBD**|[MSI H110M PRO-D (MS-7996)](https://www.userbenchmark.com/System/MSI-H110M-PRO-D-MS-7996/21875)| As you can see my system is a severe bottleneck, but that's not why am here. I had a budget pc from 2016, I was planning to upgrade in 2019 fully, but I found a vega 56 sapphire pulse on a great price, hence am waiting for the new ryzen to come out to change all the other parts. Anyway, my system even for the bottlenecking is underperforming, I have checked for example that the average fps for this exact system in the Witcher 3 in 1080p max setting is around 94. While I, only get 40, it's quite absurd.
  9. I have seen benchmarks where there is an absurd bottleneck like mine, with dual channel there were drastic differences because i guess the faster ram helped the cpu hence the gpu used more load?
  10. I have seen benchmarks where there is an absurd bottleneck like mine, with dual channel there were drastic differences because i guess the faster ram helped the cpu hence the gpu used more load?
  11. Sir i know i need to upgrade, my question is. Will for the time being a dual channel help my bottlenecking system?
  12. My cpu currently bottlenecks my gpu to high hell (I3-6100 vs 1070) i was planning to purchase the 1070 and a ryzen 2600 but lads gave it as a gift to me(1070) so for the time being i have a bottlenecking system. I have a single 8 stick of ram and i was wondering, dual channel ram 16 gb could potentially help my cpu resulting in a more stable performance?
  13. Not city builders or anything of that caliber, I play games like dark souls,witcher, divinity and such. I'd suppose I can hit 60 FPS in sekiro(upcoming game) . I thought CPU meant for the max FPS you can acquire, putting it on ultra would only affect my gpu, no?
  14. I understand the bottlenecking fiasco that will occur,the 1070 shall be purchased in march and the most probable i5 6th gen around October November. So yes there will be some months that shall surely experience bottlenecking but of what extend? Will the i3 push back with immense fury for the result not to be at least 60 FPS 1080p in high with a bloody 1070?
  15. Greetings,I contain an i3 6100 and a 1050 2 gb currently. I plan to upgrade my gpu to a 1070 and after I get financially stable buy a higher end CPU. My pc also has 8 gigs of rams, I was wondering how much will the i3 bottleneck the gtx 1070 for that time period, also will I need to upgrade my ram? Any answers are welcome