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  1. OEM Yea. Ive made alot of the upgrades and they still work within the power output limit but I just wanna make sure after like 4-5 years If I should get rid of her
  2. Got my PC a few years back. Runs very well. Was a prebuilt thought and im deciding whether or not I should replace the PSU soon. Came with an I7 5820K GTX 960 and a 2TB HDD. since then Ive added 2 SSD's and a 1060 as a replacement. I think its a 500w PSU thats a low certification but after a few years im wary of whether or not I should replace it. If I should anyone got any suggestions what to replace it with? Motherboard doesnt not have a proprietary PSU cable to my knowledge I believe its just the regular 24 pin
  3. i currently Use an IPS so I mean if theirs an HVA W/ really good color that you could recommend same specs with free/g-sync ( im running a 1060) thatd be great, The 1440p portion is really just for content consumption. I play CSGO @ 4:3 1280 X 720 so
  4. Only problem w/ the 2nd Monitor is the 4MS Response time, Somewhat worried about ghosting, I was able to find this monitor https://www.microcenter.com/product/478859/xf270hu-27-wqhd-144hz-dvi-hdmi-dp-freesync-gaming-led-monitor for much cheaper but still worried about ghosting. Also Really not trying to go curved, I just dont think it would be something I like, I play mostly CS fairly competitively and it seems useless to me
  5. As the title suggests im Looking For a New IPS 27" 144HZ 1440P monitor and was wanting suggestions, The obvious choice is the AORUS AD27QD but I am looking for other suggestions
  6. not enough space in the mobo? does it only have 2 dimm slots?
  7. Uh, well are you overclocking? Cause I mean that could be an issue and depending on your case the restricted airflow and the Stock cooler could be your issue. id say just get a new CPU cooler. and reapply thermal past frequently
  8. Thats cool, Didnt really need context or your opinion either way, just felt like this shouldnt be so one sided attacking at Nvidia
  9. https://gyazo.com/f68c75012740a8a1ac2dfc440221953a Just gonna leave this here, might wanna watch the vid, might sway your opinion, might not
  10. meaning, I feel like having 1440p wouldnt be anymore useful than 1080p. Thought I am aware of my conflicting statements this is really what im intending on saying. That I know I could run at 1440p but whats in question is should I or do I want to.
  11. Well I Wouldnt play cs @1440p but obviously a 1440p monitor under a few hundread USD. ( 500-600 And below ) is what im looking for, a good panel 144hz, free/gysnc . Oh, Also, not curved
  12. Well I mean gaming @1440p high refreshrate, which either way is not what im looking for obviously the 1060 can run the res but I Feel like id downscale just because Its not entirely what im looking for right now
  13. Im aware of that, im just saying im generally going to downscale the 1440p monitor for 1080p for the time being since my GPU isnt too capable of 1440p, im well aware of the prioritization, im just saying will 1920x1080 native look different that 1920x10080 downscalled
  14. Right now im looking for a good 144hz monitor to last me a while, free or gysnc is a must, I currently have a gtx 1060 6gb and am looking to play CS:GO @ A high Refresh rate, Have a good amount of money to spend, looking for a good panel, 27", right now im running a 1080p 60hz monitor, In-game I downscale to 4:3 1024x768, so If I got a new monitor, say something like 2560x1440 and downscaled to 1080p for normal usage through windows then ingame downscale to 4:3 1024x768 would everything look the same? or would there be some differences, ive been told that with the Windows downscaling from a higher res looks different than the native version of that same res
  15. AFTER NEARLY 12 HOURS, IM FINALLY TYPING TO YOU FROM MY NEW 860 EVO 1TB, I appreciate it, this process gave me alot of trouble yet you all that helped me make my decision on cloning vs a new drive and other things made this alot easier