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  1. MaxMine10

    Bitfenix Enso RGB Animations

    Also, I don't have Aura Sync so that's why I want to program the controller
  2. So the bitfenix Enso has a rgb controller that I have 2 strips and 3 fans pluged in (I striped wires to make that work) And it has like 3 animations on how the rgbs light. Can I somehow make my own animation in any way?
  3. Why was I able to set it up to 4.2GHz? Standard out of the box is 3.8
  4. So I'm trying to change the CPU clock ratio of the i5 7600k on my Gigabyte b250m-ds3h motherboard. I can only put max 42 in, when I set it to higher, it just sets it back to "Auto".
  5. MaxMine10

    Windows Update stuck at preparing for installation

    Its updating while I'm using the pc, so it's just a bar in the settings, also it just showed an error and I have to "try again"
  6. So I installed Windows yesterday, now i want to update it but it's at 30% at "Preparing the installation of windows" (I'm updating through the settings) it's stuck for 1 hour or 2
  7. MaxMine10

    Erase help

    I just installed it with my hdd connected anyway, thanks everyone!
  8. How do I get the front panel of the bitfenix Enso?
  9. MaxMine10

    Erase help

    Ok, but I will be installing a new ssd and installing Windows to the SSD, will that also erase the HDD?
  10. MaxMine10

    Erase help

    I want to erase my hdd, how tho? I don't need a secure erase just a quick erase so the PC recognizes the HDD and I can install Windows on it and use it. Can I do it from windows directly? I currently have win 10 installed
  11. So I just got a Corsair H100x and I pulled it out of the plastic bag and the cover that was on the bottom fell of and stayed in the plastic bag. I took it out and looked at the cooler and the paste touched my shirt and smeared some paste over my shirt, there is now a spot on the cooler with no paste, can I still use it? I don't have thermal paste around.
  12. MaxMine10

    case? rgb? What?

    Bitfenix Enso! Only 80$! Supports a rgb controller so you can just buy there rgb strips and connect them there. It also supports Aura Sync. + Looks good af
  13. MaxMine10

    Fan connection help

    Yep, thanks
  14. MaxMine10

    Fan connection help

    I bought two fans to replace the ones that come with the Corsair h100x. But hey each have a power cable. How do I combine 2 fan power cables into one? I can't seem to find a adapter
  15. MaxMine10

    Looking for water Cooling aio

    It's worth a try tho.