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  1. I think you helped me fixing this. Thank you. I opened Event Viewer, it showed csgo error message. I opened it, there was a text about problem with my gpu's oc program. Uninstalled the program and everything seems to be working now. Other programs seem to work too.
  2. Firstly I noticed it about 3 weeks ago, I couldn't turn on csgo, but reinstalling steam helped. For about 3 weeks everything was fine, but now nothing helps. I even reinstalled windows. For about 3hours it worked, then it crashed and now - same issue.
  3. So, I've noticed that my pc keeps shutting off many programms when i try to open them. For example, I can't turn on csgo, i turn it on, it shows black screen, you can see that next to the cursor there's a circle and then it just turns off. same problem with utorrent, any driver updater, skype, microsoft word, etc., when I turn my pc on, they work fine for like 2min and then they start to turn off. I disabled windows defender and I have no other antivirus programs. My PC: I5-8400 GTX 1070 TI, 8gb RAM, Win 10 Asus Prime B360M-K motherboard
  4. Is it very bad if i turn it off in windows and then just turn off it completely with the button on the case? One more thing, I've noticed that when i restart the pc, it shuts down completely and only after 5sec turns back on. When i first built it, it just restarted, the pc didn't shut down completely.
  5. Yes, 1404 version for my asus prime b360m-k, the board is new, everything's new, not even a month old.
  6. All the fans are spinning, but slower. I searched up in the internet and it's a common problem with asus motherboards, but basically everywhere people ask for help, but noone seems to actually find the solution.
  7. No, i used laptop before, this is my first desktop in, like, 15 years. Some things are turning off when i shut down the pc, it's not like it doesn't react at all, either fans are spinning slower or something else, but it gets quieter.
  8. So, i reinstalled the windows, it turned on, but still, i cannot turn it off. Keyboard's rgb turns off, you can hear that pc gets quiter, but all pc's fans keep spinning. More suggestions?
  9. Had the same problem with connecting monitor to the motherboard slot. So, i experimented a little bit with bios boot up settings and got to the windows troubleshoot center, checked for errors in startup, now it shows me this
  10. I changed the battery(the old one is ok, multimeter shows 3.14A), still the same problem. Disabled, same problem, enabled it back
  11. It has small bumps under the battery, i'm sure i didn't put it upside down. It clicked back in nicely. Boot drive is my hdd, like it was before(i don't have ssd) and ram showd that it has 8192mb, like it was before. E:Can i just put a battery that i can buy at the shop(3v, the same size and number) or do i need a specific one?
  12. Yes, i removed it for about 5min, put everything back together. Pressed the button, after 2sec it turned off and on again, opened up that there's a crash, opened up bios, i closed it and it just freezed at "asus" loading screen. I did put the battery back like it was, i know it. What can i do now??? I cant even turn it back on!
  13. I think this actually doesn't have one, at least, i cant see it.
  14. So, I recently (a month ago) built my own pc, it worked well, but now i cannot turn it off, it works perfectly when is on, but when i press "shut down", windows says that it's turning off, then i got a black screen, monitor says that it has lost it's signal(like always when i turn my pc off), but my pc keeps running, i mean - fans are spinning, all the lights are on, but it doesn't turn off until i press the button on the case for 5sec. What can i do? No new updates have been installed, i checked, no windows updates are available, i scanned sfc/scannow, nothing was found, i turned pc off with the button, turned the psu button off(coolermaster masterwatt 650w), unpluged the power cabble for 15sec and tried to do it again, didn't work. Can anyone please help me?