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    What the Fu*k" is the first thing came into my mind. 

  2. HotPickleDelivery

    alienware doesn't deliver?!

    Contact Alienware.
  3. Why you are so lonely?

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    2. Schnoz


      Just curious, what do you mean "I'm so lonely"? I got dem 665 reputations here.

    3. HotPickleDelivery


      Now is 666. The devil has choosen you. 

    4. Schnoz



      Thanks for letting me know! xD

  4. HotPickleDelivery

    Windows Sandbox

    Home users can use Shadow Defender or Sandboxie which is the same as Microsoft Sandbox feature.
  5. HotPickleDelivery

    Windows Sandbox

    Shadow Defender and Sandboxie are good alternative for Home users.
  6. I am experience a diarrhea right now like wdf. I only ate hot pocket pepperoni pizza and tostisos chip. 

    My god my stomach is killing me. It making these weird noises. It also wants me to vomitt as well, but if I refuse to vomitt it will make me burp. My stomach and organs around the stomach are making me uncomfortable to lay down on the bed. 

  7. HotPickleDelivery

    Washer and oven - question

    Buy a new washer if the repair is going to cost expensive as the new washer.
  8. Gotta bookmark this somewhere....
  9. Im new to the forum.

    1. MandoPanda




      Feel free to introduce yourself here: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/50-off-topic/

    2. HotPickleDelivery


      I already did here.


  10. HotPickleDelivery

    Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    Hello, my name is HotPickleDelivery. This is my 1st time here on LTT forum, so if I done any mistakes please feel free to correct me as always.