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  1. So you think its better to get a 2.5" SSD and more capacity?
  2. Hello there anyone who is taking his time to read this, I am in desperate need of new storage for my pc. I was wondering if i should get a Pcie to m.2 adapter with a nvme ssd or just a basic 2.5 SSD. I heard nvme ssd's are super fast but i thought that i would lose speed because of my motherboard not having any m.2 slots but i read online that i normally shouldn't lose any speed. Thanks (sorry for bad english)
  3. I tried re plugging my cable and tried an other one as well nothing worked.
  4. It's an Ips display and it's the first time that happened. So you think it's damaged?
  5. Hi guys So this display when I turned on my display I noticed that the left side of the display is very unclear. I have tried resetting my screen and restarting the pc and unplugging all the cables. Thanka
  6. And if i am not in Samsung territory. What smartwatch would you recommend?
  7. Hi i am willing to buy a new smartwatch. i had my eye on the Galaxy watch active lineup just because i like Samsung. But when i read reviews i didn't fully understand if it's worth to get the active 2 over active 1. I am a basic user so i don't need anything super fancy. (I posted it in phones and tablets because its the closest thing i could find for watches)
  8. Hi there, my birthday is coming up and I would like to upgrade my gpu. Right now I have a rx 570 and a intel xeon 1240v3. My budget is maximum 250$ and I am willing to buy second hand. Thanks! Edit oops I put it in the wrong topic.
  9. Hi I just tried out VR for the first time and I really loved it. So because it's almost my birthday I wanted to get a VR headset. But first I wanted to know if my pc can handle it. I have an Intel xeon 1240v3 and a rx 570 8gb.
  10. Yeah I just checked ebay. They are so expensive . isn't it just better if I would get an i7 4790k or 4770k?
  11. Hi I was checking out CPUs for lga1150 and I found the i7 5775c and I check and it said it was a FCLGA1150. Is there any difference between those 2. My motherboard is a z97 pc mate from msi. Thank you