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  • CPU
    fx-8350 @ 4GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97
  • RAM
    16 GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Aorus GTX 1080 Ti
  • Case
    XFX Type-01
  • Storage
    1x SATA 110 GB SSD 2x 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    XFX TS550 Bronze
  • Display(s)
    ASUS MG28U
  • Cooling
    ThermalRight TA 120
  • Keyboard
    Aorus K7
  • Mouse
    Shogun Bros. Ballista MK.1
  • Sound
    Sound Blaster Z
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Those are way newer than what I am aiming for, plus if I wanted to use that for XP gaming I'd just go with my fx-8350 based PC I also have around.
  2. I have a way better PC already for running current games, that one I will mainly use for "era-appropriate" games.
  3. So I'm slowly piecing everything together for a new rig, and from looking around it seems like the QX6700 seems like a good choice from that time frame. Will it be a decent CPU for such a rig? And what other hardware should I pair with it?
  4. The Cylon doesn't have an ODD which is something we want all our PCs to have. Also one of our main points is that our PCs are way cheaper than any other pre-built PC. Also we sorted out warranty already also. All of that kind of stuff is sorted out, so the only real thing we want to confirm is the specs for our PCs.
  5. What cases would you suggest that's nicer then? Also we don't buy in bulk. And yes of course we did all the basics like calculating profits, market research, shipping, etc.
  6. We went with A320 as they are supposed to be the cheapest possible builds, upgradabillity is far from a priority for them. Also we don't buy in bulk, so we won't have leftovers, but we also can't get bulk discounts.
  7. We are planning on selling our own PCs so we've spending ages trying to make configs that make sense and so we've been going around and asking people in the PC community if our prebuilts are good, well balanced, and have a competitive price? So in your opinion, how is our line-up looking so far? Are they ready yet or are there any changes you would make? And if you need any more explanation for any of it just let me know!
  8. It's the latest versions of the drivers, control panel, Windows 10, and the GPU is a 1080 Ti.
  9. Despite having the latest drivers, the Nvidia control panel refuses to open because of it being somehow incompatible with the drivers. And yes I did reinstall both the drivers and the control panel also. Any ideas why this is?
  10. What are people's opinions on the Razer Nommo? Will be running them or any speakers I get through a sound card anyway so I at least get a small quality boost from that? I've seen only positive reviews so far from both consumers and proper reviewers on YouTube. Or are there any better sounding alternatives for the same or lower price? Not looking for anything even more expensive.
  11. It happened 3 days ago now however many of the keys are still off. Some of the switches themselves take a lot longer, and also require a lot more for force, to actuate, and it also takes them a lot longer to return to normal, sometimes being stuck in place for so long that the PC sees them as constantly pressed and just spams that letter. Liquid gas seems to help them for a while, before they again starting playing up from the stickiness I assume. Is there anything I can do or just hope that the friction of pressing down on the keys will help rub off any sticky residue in the switches? If it helps they are Cherry MX Reds.
  12. So I've been looking for a new case for ages now seeing how my current one barely fits under my desk, but I couldn't find any at a decent price that also seemed right for me. Then Corsair released the 110R and it was just like a dream case. However many people have been saying the case isn't great, mainly because of the airflow, but is that really something I should worry about? And if the airflow really isn't great, will it actually affect anything? And if so can I just easily fix it by buying an extra fan or something? I am already planning on adding an 140mm intake fan to it anyway as it only comes with a 120mm outflow one.
  13. Isn't the fact you think I'm being immature for just having a different opinion and clearly not being in the wrong with no evidence pointing towards that immature though? It's sad that you think I'm trolling and I'm being a toddle just because of me having a different opinion. How mature of you, does it make you feel better about yourself? Sorry to blow your little bubble of smugness but having an opinion on something with evidence to back it up is not being a child, claiming that that is the case, like you are doing, is far more so, I think even your 4 year old niece would get that, hopefully she won't turn out as smug as you. Yes pity I can't be quiet just cus I'm saying something you disagree with. How petty is that, is it so hard to look at what you are doing and see what a gang of petty, smug "adults" you are who can't stand someone disagreeing with you? Get a grip on life. Ah yes, such mature comments that have nothing to do with anything just to bring someone down just because they don't agree with you. Like the ones attacking me on this thread for no reason? Yeah good idea.
  14. Cool, and any evidence that that's the case other than you just being unable to process that someone has a different opinion to you? And then putting reviewing in quotation marks and making a remark about nail length that has nothing to do with anything just adds even hypocrisy to your whole statement. Now that's poetic. Having a different opinion doesn't mean making no sense. Not being able to process that simple bit of info and using "little boy" as you opener to a comment, is arrogant on the other hand.