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  1. About psu. This antec one is looking real nice right now. Its way under 10k and it looks like its all the cables i could ever need
  2. Update to that. After some talks, i will still be getting a rtx 3080 because i deserve it(my fathers words, not mine. I totally dont deserve a 60k card lol) but i can also buy a new case along with the new PSU. And i am allowed to buy a new CPU some months after the GPU purchase as long as its under 25 thousand indian rupees. I guess ill just wait for ryzen 4000
  3. That thought did not come to my head. I will do that yes. Thank you very much.
  4. Thats a very vaild argument but then you also have to consider that hes an old indian man who doesn't know jack shit about tech. And also that this is THE first time hes ever said he would give me a gift. I already felt so bad talking to him about the PSU. I saw that smile on his face when he first said he would be getting me something and i to be honest dont wanna take that away from him.and make him think that hes raised an entitled prick.
  5. Well so my father found out what the fuck a 3080 is. Did some "research" on it. And said that im getting one as a gift because i did so well(for someone who used to fail in almost everything) in my board exams. My initial reaction was. YAY! HELL YES! IM SO HAPPY! 5 minutes later that all vanished when the truthof my life set in.those who have seen my previous post will know whats up, but for those who haven't. Well basically i have a shit low end pc. And ill be getting an over powered GPU for that, that most probably won't fit. And even if it does, it sure as hell won't run on a fucking 230w PSU. I explained that to the old man and he agreed to also buy a PSU, but Heres where the problems only grow. If you dont already know, i have 0 practical experience with PC building. So idk what im supposed to do after i get a new PSU. Do i just remove the shitty one and chuck in the good one? Which one should the fan be facing? Towards the motherboard? Because the only other option is to put it facing the top panel and that will choke it(if you didn't know this power supply of mine has a weird fan on one of its... Side panels? Or it a back panel?) Do i have to buy a new case as well?! Father was already pretty annoyed when he heard about the PSU. Idk what will happen if he hears about potentially needing a new case as well. IF i get a new case.... What happened after that? Do i just transfer the motherboard to it, connect the cables and hope for the best? Also. I have no fucking clue what cable should go in what pin. Are there labels on the pins or the motherboard? How do i even disconnect all the cables safely? What the fuck is gonna happen to the CD drive i need that shit here in india. Do i need a you need jesus band like the verge guy? And after all that. Comes the big fat question of. CABLE MANAGEMENT. I have never done that and to me thats the greatest hurdle. Because just yesterday i successfully disconnected the CPU fan, ram sticks and even the GPU on my first try(yay me) but cable management is just...... I dunno. It scares me.
  6. I didn't because i couldn't. It was 2 am when i took it apart. I dont have any lying around and i couldn't just go out and buy one
  7. Bit more context. This a prebuilt pc. This is only the second time my case has been opened up and the first time Ive seen whats inside. Why? My parents forbade us(me&my brother) from ever opening up the case incase we would break anything inside. The only other time it was opened up was in 2017 when the GPU(GTX 1050ti) was installed. So please pardon the dust, i have tried to clean it to the best of my abilities with a paintbrush (cant afford a datavac & regular vaccum cleaner makes too much noise @4 am) I opened the pc because it was making noises worse than a horny bison and when i opened it up i was greeted with cities of dust and bridges made of cobwebs. I cleaned as much as i could(couldn't get everything, again. Paintbrush) And cable management so bad if i were to slit my throat right now i would be sent to hell for the CM even tough i didn't do it. Here are the pictures so i dont have to die inside alone. Pic one is the before of the CPU cleaning (you can see some of the horrible cable management. Pic 2 is the cable management,how bad it was when i opened up the case and a clan CPU(no i didn't apply new thermal paste i dont have it lying around. Yes you can grill me for that) Pic 3&4 are just me putting everything back in their place and trying to do my best to make sure the cables dont get more fucked up. I am NOT a pc builder. I have NEVER opened up a pc before. I have no experience with this sort of thing. I have just tried my best and i dont even know if the pc will power on anymore because i have tampered with it. I could certainly use some help here.
  8. It does. Do a quick search on Amazon.in
  9. It is. And that should tell you how expensive it is to build a half decent pc
  10. 240gb SSD is 3500₹ and the 2tb HDD is 4k. No way in hell is my father gonna fork up that much cash for computers and technology
  11. How would that even work? Ive nevrr heard of something like that before
  12. My friend, a I TH SSD costs Sume hundred rupees more than a 2tb SSHD
  13. But my friend I was looking to upgrade to a larger amount of storage. A 1TB internal SSD costs a few hundred rupees more than the 2TB SSHD
  14. Ive got a pretty old motherboard and it's not got any slots for an SSD. And yes I need to upgrade because I need more space, also. The 2 TB hdd is the smae price as a 500gb samsung external ssd
  15. Hi there folks. I'm looking to upgrade my HDD(no I can't have an SSD) but I cant decide between a Seagate firecuda 2TB(apparently it's called an SSHD and idk what that is) and a Seagate barracuda 2TB Now the baaracuda costs 4999 rupees and the firecuda 9k idk what an SSHD is and since my current hdd is a barracuda I am not sure which one to get. Which one should I buy? Now the Solid State in SSHD tells me it's gonna be faster, so I'm inclined towards that. But then its expensive, and the HDD is almost half that price for the same amount of storage. I don't know much about tech. And anything I know about PCs and PC building is from LTT, so my knowledge is limited. Could use some help here