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  1. Thanks but i'm looking for a free software. I did it like that about 10 years ago, i expect it's possible theses days too. I just dont remember what i did back then.
  2. Hi everyone, my friend did a quick format using the disk manager of windows by error. What is the best undo format feature software that's free and works ? He's trippin bad right now, lost all data on a 2TB drive lol Thanks!
  3. whoa... thanks... why it is in this list but not in the uninstall feature in the control panel?
  4. Hi, i know how to uninstall software but this time spotify is not in the config panel apps uninstalling tool. I dont even remember installing the app spotify. I want to remove it. I started a search on the computer, all disk drives, all it finds is .png In the task manager under the start tab, when i right click on it, i can't even reveal the file emplacement...
  5. There is the sata connector which is standard. The other pins arent connected... but if it needs to we could use jumper cables
  6. Hi everyone, i know there is very knowledgable people here and due to the virus it's hard to ask a local repair shop about it, also the fact most of them don't really care about your data on the drive but more about charging high prices... Anyway what happened is she (i'm doing this post for a friend) was using this drive for about 4 years (it's written 2013 on the disk but she used it more in the last 4 years). The cable was getting disconnected a lot of times because she was on her couch etc, not really cautious about it... and yes the innevitable happened. Now she cant use it because when she connects it, the drive spins for a couple seconds then there is the common click sound but just once and it stops. I think it's not usual that it never clicks before, just 1 click and it stops. I never clicked before this week and there's no beeping signal either. She tried different cables and usb ports, same issue. I'm now thinking maybe it's just the sata connector that would need replacement, maybe it looses the power to turn it on from the cable, that would explain why it doesnt beep until the 1 beep that turns it off. I also thought we could check the voltages going into the pwr pins to check for voltage dropping or something like that. I'm not sure what is the metal pins at the left (2 rows of 8 pins) because she said they are not connected to anything in the case. If any of you have ideas to what to try before going further le met know. Thanks Here's some pictures:
  7. Do you have a tutorial on this you could recomend?
  8. Hi i got my account on IP Vanish not long ago, i notice when i open a new internet tab i have 4-5 seconds before it actualy load the website. When it loads it's kinda fast, not at my full normal speed but it's pretty acceptable like 250mbps aprox (my max speed without vpn is 440mbps) but the 4-5 seconds before each new tab open a new website is really annoying, is it normal? What's the best VPN theses days?
  9. everything, and if i can access just some files without having to install the complete image on the disk when i need a few files it would be even better
  10. Best cloning image software to backup my OS C : / drive? I know there is this info on google but i'd like to know what you think, user experience, my stuff is really important i have files for 2 businesses and my personal files on this samsung nvme drive. I want to backup everything on the c drive on another external drive i have. I never did this before.. Thanks