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  1. Noted.. thanks .. Is there a way to find the issue on my PC which is creating a LAG or performance Drop ???
  2. I tried playing Watchdogs 2 and it lagged like hell.. the Horizon Zero dawn and almost all the Ubisoft games.. even on low.. and now ubisoft released specs for their new games and specifically asked for dual channel 16gb .. I am wondering if dual channel will help.. I have 16gb single channel... what would you suggest? should i get another 16GB or just leave it as it is.. I need to know practically if dual channel gives more performance.. like this video ..
  3. huge stutters in between .. also as new games are coming they're suggesting to use DUAL CHANNEL.. and i only have single channel.. this has been bothering me for a while i since now new games are releasing .. Do i get another 16gb or 8GB?
  4. FPS LAG.. I keep using MSI Afterburner and system is decently cool.. the issue is with fps.. 1. is single channel 16GB ram limiting my performance?? and 2. can i add 8GB module of same ram Corsair Vengeance 8GB to 16GB which will make 24GB ram total 1x16 and 1x8 .. and since it'll be added it'll use whole 128bit bandwidth
  5. Hi a year ago I built my PC and my specs were Core i5 9400F 6C/6T Rtx 2060 H370 ASUS TuF gaming and 16x1 Corsair Vengeance (I couldn't get dual channel because i had no money and single channel was cheaper) Because of that I have gotten significant Lags in games.. because I've seen videos of games working on my same setup with no lag.. but they had dual channel which is 8x2 My question is if i get same RAM of 8GB.. 1x16gb corsair Vengeance @2666 and 1 x8GB Corsair Vengeance @2666 1. will this combination work?? 2. will it help with performance as dual channel will use 128bit channel width instead of one 64bit ?
  6. It's stretching and not coming out.. and I'm scared that since it is bending through force the mobo might break .. are you sure that's the way .. just force it out as there are no screws ?
  7. Guys I don't know how to remove this and i am scared that i will break the motherboard.. and i am really looking for a video on YouTube but i can't find it .. please help me
  8. So the best option will be to upgrade cpu and mobo .. damn .. i just built pc 6 months ago .. i doubt I’ll be able to get a mobo and cpu as given ... i guess I’ll just pass on the game
  9. A question... Can I get a better mother board ??? Like ASUS B 360F Gaming motherboard ?? Will there be a significant improvement in performance if i just change the motherboard and keep everything else same ??? Like this one ??? Will there be atleast improvement in performance???
  10. ASUS PRIME H310M-E LGA1151... i think this one’s not gonna cut it
  11. So if i put i7 8700k on a normal LGA1151 motherboard ... will it work ??? Or i need a non K processor ... because here non K processor is expensive than K processor
  12. Yes .. latest nvidia driver and all is updated ... the issue happens when I’m at a densely populated area and enemies come in bulk .. the frames go as low as 40fps .. but as i go to forest the frames goes normal ... I don’t get what the problem is
  13. 1080 pixels medium settings on 60fps