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  1. Stormseeker9

    New CPU... 9700K or 8700K

    I usually also answer, but this time... i got lazy . I knew others would say anyway to wait till monday at least so we know more about zen 2, release dates, what cpus etc etc.
  2. Stormseeker9

    New CPU... 9700K or 8700K

    100% agree. Just gave up reading after first paragraph haha
  3. Stormseeker9

    how good is my overclock

    Well then chapeau. You overclocked correctly and stable. Now go and enjoy
  4. Stormseeker9

    how good is my overclock

    Does it run stable ? If so, yes. every card OC’s differently as depending on binning.
  5. Stormseeker9

    New CPU... 9700K or 8700K

    I stopped reading after your first paragraph. Good luck
  6. Stormseeker9

    ryzen 5 and ryzen 7

    See my post above my post
  7. Stormseeker9

    Low CPU and GPU Usage

    Could well be the ram speed, seen it before (once) that low specced ram causing these kind of problems. Ryzen loves +3000mhz ram, but not sure how GPU is also low. what resolution do you game on?
  8. @AngrySkull I would suggest having the 360mm rad as intake and then have the 240/280mm rad as exhaust + another single fan in the rear (if that is possible). I have a x52 for my 2700x as exhaust and have 2 intakes in the front and 1 out in the back.
  9. Stormseeker9

    How much is my pc worth?

    Low to mid thousands ? That can be 1-5k? I woulr say around €800 purely cause of the 1080Ti (they’ve become expensive)
  10. Stormseeker9

    ryzen 5 and ryzen 7

    You can’t wait 5 days? I would if I was you. if you need it now, go with 2600
  11. Stormseeker9

    ryzen 5 and ryzen 7

    Q3 (July-sept) is said to be release of ryzen 3000
  12. Wasn’t even aware of this to be honest. I remwmber that when I started looking at building a pc mid last year I was like, dafuck?! €100 for cases? (Thinking they only cost a 10ner ) have learned heaps since
  13. Stormseeker9

    Low FPS CS GO Nvidia RTX 2070 Windforce

    No need for DDU here, as the CPU is the bottleneck here
  14. Stormseeker9

    Looking for a matte black gpu to match a build

    Not sure about ‘matte’ - but I think some MSI cards have black back plates.
  15. I mean, if you really just want pure gaming I would always advise a PC, and not a laptop (they might fly away as you have found out yourself )
  16. @Loch fractal design meshify C? White, TG, and extremely good airflow.
  17. Stormseeker9

    Need new Case for Custom water cooling

    @Skiiwee29 what about those Lian-Li cases? iirc they are ‘built’ for customs loops
  18. Because laptop. No airflow.
  19. Save up a bit longer, and Bt the time Q3 comes and we have the release of zen 2, it should push prices down of the previous gen (zen+). ar that time get yourself a B450+2600x or 2700x combo. Can keep your current GPU as the 1070 is totally fine.
  20. Stormseeker9

    laptop to 300$

    Both Poland and the UK are member of the EUCU, so there won’t be any import costs as far as I know. ‘Free trade’
  21. Stormseeker9

    2K or 4K and what size?

    I would opt for the IPS panel. The colours are sooo vibrant and just general love IPS panels
  22. Stormseeker9

    2K or 4K and what size?

    100% agree with this ! 1440P 144hz IPS at 27” sweet spot
  23. Stormseeker9

    Lacquer on Copper Waterblocks

    I would get that ad flat as possible mate. The more ‘even’ aka the whole block touches CPU, the better.
  24. Stormseeker9

    IPS vs AHVA panels

    How can something be 125%? Can’t be more then 100% colours. go with the IPS panel from Acer