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  1. Thanks as long as it’s not dangerous I don’t really care, main reason I asked is I spoke to two seperate coolermaster support people and one told me that it’s fine and that even if I got it replaced the next one could have that problem to, and the other person told me it was abnormal and needed to be exchanged.
  2. Not exactly the same but quite similar it’s quite low normally when the system is off and gets louder as it’s turned on and under load.
  3. I have a coolermaster mwe gold 550w power supply, I've had it for the past few months and it's always had a buzzing noise I wasn't worried about this until the other night when as I was going to bed I shut down my pc and then noticed that the buzzing was still pretty loud, I switched it off at the wall and then switched it back on and the buzzing was a lot less but still there. Does anyone know if this is a cause for concern? do I need to return it or will it be fine? I haven't had any issues with it apart from that although after I got it a few months ago I suddenly noticed coil whine in my gpu which I assumed was because of that.
  4. Hi there i'm just looking for a little bit of help, I've recently built a new pc and my motherboard seems to be bending slightly in the case, the motherboard im using is this one https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450-AORUS-ELITE-rev-10#kf and the case i'm using is this https://www.gigabyte.com/Chassis/GB-AC300W-rev-10#kf my case has the standard 9 stand off points for an atx motherboard but my motherboard only has 7 of which on the case I can only screw down 6 the 7th hole doesn't reach far enough to the next one on the right side of the board though my motherboard seems to be bending very slightly forwards not by much but its noticeable if I take a close look at it, i'm wondering if its because I can't connect the 7th stand off which is on that part of the board. does anyone know if that's likely to cause any long term damage? I've tried softly pushing it back into place but as soon as I let go it springs back, I've also tried re doing the standoffs but same thing. Any help is appreciated and Merry Christmas
  5. jcharlie96

    psu bad plastic smell

    I've read about that and I figured it's probably nothing, how long does it normally take to go away though because i've heard people say a few hours or days but its been three weeks?
  6. jcharlie96

    psu bad plastic smell

    yup and I've double checked it since taking it out again to make sure there's no plastic on it.
  7. jcharlie96

    psu bad plastic smell

    I have a coolermaster mwe gold 550w modular psu I made a new build with it 3 weeks ago everything is working great except it smells. I've removed each part and found its definitely the psu its a really strong rubber/plastic smell ive left the psu to air outside the case for awhile but it still smells and then I've found even plugging it back into the pc after running it for a few hours it will stop smelling but then by the time I turn it on the next morning the smell is back. I know that it can take a while for smells to go away but isn't 3 weeks a bit too long and there's the fact it keeps coming back? Any help is appreciated!